Friday, August 5, 2011

Ramadhan Mubarak!

My energy is renewed! My love for life is overflowing! My family is doing well! I'm back in my kitchen! My plate, of things to do, is always full but I can eat all day! I love the fact that my energy keeps regenerating & I know it's because Mercury is in retrograde. This activity has an adverse affect on me...

I've decided that since I'm fasting from negativity, anger, stress & bad vibrations, I will not only be cordial to people I've purposely ignored, but I'll greet everybody with a sincere smile and mean it. It takes way to much energy to frown, be nasty and immature. I'm in such a good place that I think I can share my great fortune and clarity with the world, hence, no high school drama BS! I'm too old for that... I'm The Mama Wize!

I'm over wasting time & being a host to parasitic men, women, situations & relationships. I cannot grow with these entities/energies in my midst and I certainly can't accomplish everything I want to do, while worrying about things that only redirect my efforts away from my goals.  The focal point for this month is to navigate all efforts, emotions, activities and intentions towards my business, my family and my well being (physical, mental, spiritual & financial).

In an effort to assist the universe in goodness, I'm offering meals for the month of Ramadhan. Please check my new note on Facebook. I'm making myself available for whatever, whenever. I feel its time to take advantage of this period in my life to do even more to network with like-minded, spiritually-guided, intellectually-sound people and community-based, worthwhile causes and homegrown initiatives. I'm guaranteed to prosper if I assist others with attaining their goals.

In October, when my home renovations are completed, I will be having my TRUE GAME nights, again. I should have three new singles ready for the world. I will see the fruits of my labor as far as working out, eating right, reading more books, recording new material and networking with 'my' people. It's time the people who want to heal the world get on their job and do it. But you must start with the person in the mirror!

I want to give a shout out to my sisters and brothers who have supported me & have given me unconditional love and respect since day one. We may not speak on a regular basis, but i know they have my back... Much Love, Peace, RASpect, Guidance and Unity!