Monday, October 31, 2011

In the words of Grand Puba: "Sorry I left you..."

Its been an exciting time for me... I got the job I wanted; I won a court case others told me not to pursue; (even the judge said he was impressed with my evidence); I'm waiting for confirmation for some classes I want to take; my children are excelling at all they put their mind, soul & talents into and my grandsun seems to be getting wiser, day by day. As a matter of fact, I was doing his hair tonight and I didn't notice that the Simpson's were on my TV. Homer said the word 'suck' and my grandsun declares: "That's not appropriate for children, Gramma!" I must say I was so impressed, I called his parents into my room to hear what he said and why. We agreed... and put on the Thundercats!

I'm still cooking a lot and posting my culinary delights at I virtually displayed a new joint I wrote and made my first music video, compliments of my brother, Black Sparxx, titled HALF! Much love and thanks to F.A.M.E. NYC Magazine for the write up on me: I've enjoyed a random Sunday night out at Club Sutra, having good conversation with my good friend, DJ Evil Dee, then dancing my ass off at the Funk Box with DJ Ruben Toro, & my homie, Twan! Good lookin, fam!

I'm proud that my dawtah was rallying at her CUNY college on behalf of the ridiculous school tuition hikes. I was outside John Jay College back in the 90's doing the same thing. I applaud everyone who is occupying somewhere for something substantial and fair. I do declare I am not the 1%! And how dare YOU, (the government, police & multimillion corporations) get paid to fix shit and don't, then penalize people when they look to you for assistance (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, inflated loans, banks, Wall St, etc.), knowing you were guiding them in the wrong direction for your personal/business gain/greed?

I am not an advocate, nor do I agree with how Moumar Qaddafi was executed by the US. The news said he was injured in both legs as he was apprehended and ten minutes later they declared him dead... Was he shot in his aorta so he'd bleed out on purpose? This is just as suspect as Bin Laden's demise.

America boasts of democracy;, government for the people, by the people... So why are there so many people occupying? Why are so many people hungry, unemployed and homeless? Obviously, the people are not satisfied with the government, it's bureacracy or it's bullshit rhetoric.

As a dictator, Qaddafi did more for his country than any democracy I know of, or is my information wrong? Please let a sister know: Qaddafi paid all new mother's $5,000 * he made sure all residens of Lybia had homes, cars & jobs * college was free * health care was free * college students who couldn't find jobs were paid what they would get if working until they got jobs in their respective vocation * Lybia had some of the best oil worldwide, for themselves * Qaddafi's been reppin Africa for blacks since the 90's and put forth a plan to better relations between blacks & Arabs. Looks like another Rosewood/Black Wall Street to me. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about...

How does America go to his (Hussein/Bin Lden/Qaddafi, etc.) house and kill him cuz they don't like him? Or is it that he was doing his own thing without the consent of the US? Aren't there laws within the Geneva Convention against that? Or is everyone afraid of the big bad Obama puppet? I say that because he's not doing what I thought/I'd like/he said he'd do for America. He's done nothing regarding race as the first black president, (including NOT attending he International Conference on Race in Europe a few years ago) and I expect he won't be the favorite candidate by intellectual black folk.

School should be free everywhere in America. Maybe we'd stop occupying places if we all had equal opportunities to education, food, clothing & shelter .Maybe we'd be higher up on the education pole, cuz America is low on the totem as far as math, science and literacy is concerned.

How do you NOT tax people and companies making trillions of dollars a year with a public assistance roster sky high in urban & rural areas? Urban areas that are gentrifide up the wahzoo, with a Hasidic tenement or Hasidic owned condo next door to the projects are a slap in the face!  And in those tenements are hasidic adult & teenage girls having babies and robbing the economy blind by getting medicaid, food stamps, rental assistance and cash while their fathers, spouses and brothers not only own property but own the condos and coops filled with the rich people who want to live here.  

The VietKong told the black man to leave cuz it wasn't their fight. Obama's gonna make it hard for black people not to get lumped in with white people when it comes to this Israel, Egypt, NATO, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi bullshit! Time to take care of Africa, Haiti, the Caribbean, native Indians and the original peoples of this planet. Everybody says go home... As far as I'm concerned, my Ancestors not only were here first, but taught everybody how to live, irrigate, farm, love, be communal, create your own and share, love the earth and yourself, not to mention we built America... so how does the first black president not give props or an ear to Reparations? Hold up! Where's Michelle? We Need to sit down & talk for a minute... My bad! Besides my venting, I'm really good. I just want the world to be better... at least fair at this moment in time...

How do you feel? Please put feedback on the actual blog! THX!!