Tuesday, July 21, 2015


My People, My People! Sorry I left you... (In my Grand Puba voice, lol.) I've been going through some physical, mental and financial trials, but my strong spirit and my faith in The Most High have yet again, made me stronger and pulled me out of my darkness into better days and new horizon's, Al Hamdullilah.

My IPhone was broken in March and I couldn't make or receive phone calls. All apps were working. But in April, my phone was not cooperating with my need for it, thus, apps were scarce. You should have known due to my lack of social media appearances, then my disappearance, altogether. Once I was unable to take pictures and my screen went blank, it was a wrap. I knew it was time to bury the second IPhone 5 I had. Farewell...

Seems my disappearance from the web was meant to be, because my health was deteriorating. I had a soreness in my right nipple, out of nowhere, in April. Sorry if you can't take the detail but you know I tell it like it is. I didn't panic. I dealt with it for about a month because it was very random, the sharp pain only lasted a few seconds and it wasn't caused by anything strenuous; it only came when I was sitting down. So, I went to see my doctor to get an overall check up. She's the best! She advocates natural healing and herbal remedies. 

I was diagnosed as dehydrated, constipated, with gas and bloating, in need of more REM sleep, stressed out, (y'all know I'm still fighting my landlord), and she said I had signs of acid reflux. (In my case, I didn't have the symptoms, like heartburn or indigestion that cause you to take antacids, but the results to my body were the same.) She also felt a lump in my left breast. She gave me a long list of DON'TS, including: no coffee, no chocolate, no tomato sauce, no mints, no citrus anything, no smoking, no alcohol, no spicy food, no carbonated drinks and no fried food. She scheduled me for lots of blood work and a mammogram. She suggested I get a colonoscopy because of the gas and constipation, but she also suggested yoga class, meditation and that I follow this diet for at least a month. DAMN! It's been three months since I smoked, already. But this is important for my well being, so I was going to follow her instructions to the letter.

Note to readers: I found out, from my sun, that we are supposed to move our bowels everyday. Don't judge me. LOL I never knew that because I never have. All my life I had a BM every 3-5 days and I ate like a pig, as a child, adolescent and teenager. And it never changed after I gave birth to two children. So I laughed a little at the constipation diagnosis, but it's not a good thing and it must be treated. Pay attention to your body, people! It never bothered me before but now it's making me sick, coupled with the heavy duty stress my landlord was giving me. I had no appetite. I wasn't eating. Being constipated with no appetite is not a good look or feel. Watch you stress levels, people! It can kill you!

Luckily, I had something to raise my spirits... CHURCH
May 10th, 2015 on  Mother's Day CHURCH debuted!
Check www.mixcloud.com/djevildee for an uplifting blend of Classic R and B, House and Disco, Saturday night/Sunday morning at midnight! 

Our first session of Church

I had a conference with my lawyer, my landlord, their lawyers and an administrative law judge to work the kinks out of this pending wanna-be eviction. It was postponed for the fourth time for June. because my landlord didn't bring the proper paperwork, AGAIN. Stress can be a major negative factor in your mental, spiritual and physical well being. It directly affects how you do, say, act and treat people. I stayed away from folks because I was not in a good space. 

My stove is still broken. When it was turned off, the gas was still flowing, so the gas line was disconnected, too. I have one portable burner and a convection oven to cook meals with. I wasn't in the cooking mood, anymore. I wasn't inspired to complete my cookbook, at all. My landlord was making it very hard for me. While dealing with my health issues and the landlord's threats...

I lost the Internet in my home and my cable TV, by no fault of my own. My Internet and TV were off but, they should be back on before July ends, I'm told. So, if you've seen me online and I didn't respond to you, don't think I'm ignoring you or you are not important. I have no Internet service at home to correspond with you and when it's time to leave Starbucks or Beatminerz Radio, I'm out. I tried to holla at everyone from the library near my house but their Internet connectivity is garbage. I couldn't even get to my google email.  

Marcy Avenue train station (J/M/Z) and the BQE
View from my library on Division Avenue

Going to the library made me realize that their Internet connection, whether Division Avenue in Williamsburg or Grand Army Plaza, sucks. But the book selection is always amazing!

A spot across the street where I get good reception...smh

And to top it off, my website has been inaccessible since April, because I cannot get the text message for the 2-step verification on my phone. When you visit the We Manifest website, you see updates from April. Everything on my site is paid for until 2018, but I'm not too sure what's going on with GoDaddy. Best believe, I'm looking for 4 months of credit for all that's currently paid for. I'm currently waiting for them to fix the situation. I was told in April it would take 24-72 hours. I'm losing business and I'm quite pissed about it. But what can I do except wait to buy a new phone...? It's still not fixed, even after I submitted several requests to cancel the 2-step verification and sent them proof of my business ownership, proper identification and their signed form, 5 times. I'm figuring it's "Phukk with Yej" time... What can I do right now? Nothing! Just more stress. And for the record, when I do rock online, it's usually because I'm in my local Starbucks for 8 hours or at Beatminerz Radio. It's real in the field! Y'all know I don't do my people like that.

On May 11th, I had a mammogram, an abdominal sonogram, a chest x-ray and lots of blood work done. The mammogram confirmed my doctor's concerns. There was a lump in my left breast. I was told my breast tissue was too dense to see what was there. I was scared. I just lost a great friend in February to breast cancer, (Rest In Paradise and Dance Free, Orange Lotus), and I wasn't ready to deal with the implications of a major life change, especially when I was worried about my living situation.  The specialist scheduled me for an ultrasound breast exam. He said the nodule could have been there for years. (Now, I've been getting mammograms, yearly, since the age of 35 and I've never had a lump in my breast.) I didn't know they did ultrasounds for breasts. Whatever needs to be done to find out what's going on, I'm down. Mind you, I never had a pain in my right nipple after this. I take that as a sign...

I was in Starbucks at least two times a week, checking email, messages and my product sales on Etsy and Big Cartel. I had an email inviting me to a hiring pool at 4 WTC for one of the many city tests I took for NYC employment on May 15th. Things are looking up... I was hired right after my interview. I stayed to take pictures of the view. You'd never know this is NYC...

WTC architecture is so dope!

On May 20th, I had a pelvic sonogram, because of the constipation and gas and after the breast ultrasound, it was confirmed that I had a lump in my breast and I was scheduled for a biopsy to see if it was benign or malignant. I was a little set back. This is when my left knee started buckling throughout the day. I started wearing both my metal braces on my knees. When life throws you lemons, but you can't eat or drink anything citrus, you make lemonade for everyone else.

The Queen Herawin had an album release party for "Metamorphosis" at Black Bear Bar and she tore it down. Mad family came through and inpromptu performances were dope. I was honored to host at the last minute because this sister right here is worth the praise. Salute, Queen. Much love and respect!

The Mama Wize and CyMarshall Law

DJ Boo * Sucio Smash * Meta Plus

Corren and DJ Evil Dee

Rachel Walker and Queen Herawin

My man Ahmad I haven't seen him in ages...

Queen Herawin rocks the spot. 

Power Couple: Corren and John Robinson

DJ Kaos * El Da Sensei * DJ Evil Dee

John Robinson, Paze One and Poison Pen

The Mama Wize * Queen Herawin * Rachel Walker

Mazzi and DJ Evil Dee

Crew Love in Effect 

Some beautiful flowers near BKs Municipal Bldg

Beatminerz Radio Mix Master Memorial Weekend 2015

Toonces didn't really give a damn

Terri Berrie and The Carmen B

#QueenSistas4Life The Carmen B and The Mama Wize 
with the photobomb bandit, DJ Evil Dee

DJ Nina Azucar * The Carmen B * The Mama Wize

Welcome to Brooklyn, Shelley and TxJob2Do!
Mr. Walt, The Carmen B and Mishigan

My two Beatminerz Radio tees courtesy of  www.jaminbeas.com

Me and my brothers, Mr. Walt and Mishigan

Beatminerz Radio Family: 
DJ Evil Dee * Mr. Walt * TxJob2Do * Mishigan

That evening, TxJob2Do, Shelley and I went to Hope Garage to hang out a little before they returned to their hotel. They are a joy to talk to and such great parents. It's such a breath of fresh air to find commonalities besides music with others. I think we're awesome parents and they are truly dope people! Can't wait til they come up for another visit. We've got to schedule some things. It was a pleasure to meet and chill with these two. #PowerCouple 

5-24-15 Bundy and Brave Dave

Taping of DJ Evil Dee's birthday sermon for CHURCH!

Happy Healthy Blessed Birthday, Evil!


DJ Sylk and Terri Berrie

DJ Soundwave and Mr. Walt acting up!

The Mama Wize and Jamal Smith, 

The Carmen B * Terri Berrie * Shelley

TxJob2Do * The Mama Wize * Mr Bito

Beautiful ladies in the building!

Me and the Birthday Men! 
Mr. Walt and DJ Evil Dee

Mr. and Mrs. Walt
(Shoe game is on!)

Mishigan and Yanni, chillin!

The Mama Wize * Luck * The Carmen B 
with the Bito Thumb!

Caught the birthday man laughing 
during DJ Soundwave's set

Lovely Ladies! The Mama Wize * 
Michelle * Lisa * Bernadette 

Da Gully Team's Terri P and The Mama Wize

Oveta * Yejide * Cynical * Danielle

Poison Pen and The Mama Wize

Outside Banditas!
Oveta * Cynical * Danielle * 
Yejide * Bernadette * Lioness

Closing the night down,
DJ Evil Dee and Rockness Monsta

Lisa and Sweet KK came from the DMV!

Mr. Bito sharing his sweet 
concoctions with Claudine

#QueenSistas4Life with the shoe game crackin!

Salute to my brother, Jarobi!

Crew Love: Jamal Porter * The Carmen B * Crazy DJ Bazarro 
* Cynical Smith * Mr. Bito * Sweet KK * DJ Sylk

Claudine and Mya 

Random artwork on the walls of Halsey St
on my 26 bus ride to Bushwick.

DJ Carlton Rosebure at 
Brooklyn Frenzy in Williamsburg

DJ Brian Coxx on the wheels
with Dj Lil Ray on the mic

DJ Spinna at Brooklyn Frenzy killin it!

After DJ LilRay's Brooklyn Frenzy blowout on May 30th, I walked home, changed and took a cab to try and catch DJ Butch SOS' birthday jam at Frank's Cocktail Lounge. I had a friend come with me but he went home after we reached Frank's. I still chilled with Terry, Butch, Chris and Mari. Mari made me a big plate of goodness and we talked and laughed until the sun came up. Thank you, Butch.

Chris and Mari... Too Sweet

Terry and Butch laughing...

As I get ready to go home, my sister, Tomasia rolls up to Frank's in her ride. So good to see the Queen. Yo, it's 5:45am! That's how Aquarian women do it. We'll get home when we're finished. LOL

Peace, Tomasia!

Lunch downtown Sunday afternoon... Thank you! :)

Real Talk!!!


I had time to spend with my special someone and I appreciate him so. Some of my greatest friends, I don't get to see when I want to but when we do link, it's an incredible feeling to catch up and continue to build. Love and respect at it's finest. That's how friends do. Friends are not just the people you go out with, smoke and drink with, play cards or club with. They're the individuals you share your inspirations, fears, goals, achievements, wisdom, special moments and slip and falls with. The ones that can keep your business to themselves, because it was shared to reflect and grow from; not for you to go blab to your other friends to make you look good. You learn several lessons when you're down and vulnerable. Remember to be better than you were, regardless of your circumstance. Learn the lessons, apply the knowledge, do the math and try not to do unto others, as others have done to you. Try real hard not to reciprocate negativity. It gets you nowhere and lowers your vibration. Embrace the changes and move on with new energy. 

Thank you, Yvan! This was right on time!  
Much love and respect to you! 

I needed those family filled moments. I thank you all for the good times. Back to dealing with the issues at hand. I went back for the biopsy on June 1st. After the biopsy was done, there was a titanium chip placed in my left breast, right behind the nodule found, to assist finding the lump again, if I needed surgery. I was so worried, I forgot to THINK and ask: Why are you injecting my breast with a chip? Did you test me to see if I was allergic? Did I have another option? Can you extract it? I had to wear a bandage on my breast for a week. It was extremely uncomfortable and with everything else going on, I was always tired and irritable. Most of all, mad at myself for letting them do that to me. Never let your sorrow override your anger. When I'm angry, I think more logically than if I'm sad and worrying.

As a matter of fact, I had a mini breakdown and cried it all out for about 7 minutes afterwards. I'm not a tear-jerker, I do anger management, feel me? But stress, overthinking and worrying can create a real need for a significant cleansing. It's not a crime to cry when you feel overloaded. It's not a crime to cry, anytime. You just have to remember that The Most High never gives you more than you can handle. This, too, shall pass... I had no choice but to optimistically look towards the future. Made no sense to stress myself out more because that's what feeds my illness: negativity, doubt and worry. I realized I have more things to complete, more things to start, and more major accomplishments to add to my roster of highlights in life. My love wasn't worried. He's my rock. He gave me confidence, support and strength all the way through. Thank you, Baby.

He Does!

I was looking for my gastrointerologist for over a year and happened to finally find him and schedule a check up. He performed my colonoscopy in 2007. I knew I needed another one. That was my diagnosis back then and I felt much better and healthier when I had it. Don't get me wrong. If you have a natural colonic practitioner in your life, by all means, do you. I just know my GI doctor is on point and because I can have pictures of my colon afterwards and a thorough explanation of what the hell is going on in there, I will keep him close. 

I felt a little better in June because I was closer to an accurate diagnosis. I was still having tests done, but my mind is clearer, my purposes are many, my health is improving and I have a new job. I can't fall off. I have a family to support. Falling off is never an option. Being without income or limited funds is something I cannot do for long. This is why I hustle hard. My children have never been without the basics and they've learned to appreciate what they have, and more importantly, what they earn.  


With limited connectivity, I'm glad I had the stamina to trod to Starbucks with my knapsack full of wires, hard drives, my laptop and video paraphernalia. I thank you, Starbucks, for being walking distance from my rest. Thank you to my to my friends and immediate family who have made an effort to take care of me, see how I'm doing, keep in touch and miss me. I miss you too and I love you, all: Jigga Jewel, Evil Dee, Sonja Blaze, Giggles, JenDog, Hustle, Krystine, Roots, Tomasia, Jah Beanz, Carmen B, and my Unkle Dex. Crazy big shout out to my mother who makes all kinds of miracles happen for me from Florida. She taught me that whatever I need, I will get, as long as I work hard for it, remain a good person, stay positive and think outside of the box.

Everyone Should Remember This!
Honor Thy Mother!
Honor All Women!

I am the Black Gold of The Sun...
and the Mother of Civilization

...and still cooking

When Church is in session, there's usually food cooking in the basement, right? I make sure there's a meal with the sermon, ya dig?

Back to feeling better...

Happy Healthy Blessed Birthday, Mr. Walt!

IBC (Illegal Broadcasters) was working on their upcoming project and I was at Beatminerz Radio. We had a good time. These brothers work hard and the project sound dope. They inspire me. 

Kreepy Clown bothering Walt 
during an IBC session

Evil at work...

We got hungry... 

General Steele and Hakim Green are IBC on BMZ!

I can't with this dude.. LOL 

Hakim and Evil enjoying the work

Look out for the upcoming IBC project... 
without Kreepy Clown!

Happy 30 Year Anniversary Decepticons! #D4L

We miss you, Tryp!

I'm Decept Fam but I'm an Autobot too!

My garden on my terrace, June 5th

DJ PrimeTime and Crazy DJ Bazarro

Fat Joe rocked in Bushwick!

DJ Sime Auto was on the block!

It was hot but Evil Dee kept it blazin!

Air Force Ones on Deck throughout Bushwick!

June 7th dinner before I went to the Lox Lounge:
Steak and cheese filled ravioli 
with garden herbs and purple cabbage

The original Souljah Sundaze duo, 
Jah Beanz and King Lion

KoKo of Brooklyn Empire and songstress Afiya Wilson
Her performance was great!

I woke up June 9th to find out my lump was benign. I was so happy and a lot less stressed. But the same day, I found out that my friend, Pumpkin Head (PH aka Robert Diaz) passed away. I was hurt, angry and confused. I felt a tiny bit better when I remembered the jokes we used to crack, the dope shows we attended and performed in and what a seriously respectful and humble dude he was. I will truly miss him. Rest in Paradise, PH!

Thank you for this photo, JenDog! 
Me, PH and StaHHr at Brooklyn Bowl 2010!

The Diaz Clan at Rock Steady Crew Anniversary 2013

Alegra and Art

The fellas came early to chill...

Alegra * Jarobi * Art * Michelle 
* Jamal * DJ Sylk

Hollywood at the Bar

Crazy DJ Bazarro * The Mama Wize * 
DJ Skyy * Napoleon Da Legend

DJ Sylk on the wheels

Hey, Matt!!

Jarobi makin that roasted corn...

Napoleon Da Legend and Terri Berrie

Crazy DJ Bazarro * Kimmy * Napoleon * Terri Berrie

Napoleon * DJ Sylk * The Mama Wize 
* Kimmy * Crazy DJ Bazarro

My GrandBabies making a nest for a bird in the park

I lived at 390 Sutter Avenue...

Immortal Technique * The Mama Wize * Poison Pen

 Fly Lady Di * The Mama Wize * VVS Verbal
Love This! Thx, Sun! 

Thank you, Sun!

Bazarro * Napoleon * D-Rock

General Steele was talkin to BadAss

Salute to MCs UNITED! 
The Mama Wize * Pri The HoneyDark * Kiki Breevlife

The Mama Wize * Rocquel * Jade 
* Pri The HoneyDark
Thank you, Sun!

Friend * Amanda * The Commish * Netousha

Yejide * Pri * Rocquel * Jade #DopeSelfie

Thank you, Shabaam Sahdeeq
Always room for improvement!

June 12th, DJ Evil Dee was spinning 
at ReNew Lots Art...

DJ Evil Dee and DJ Music Rocka

Chillin on stage...

Janeea and Evil Dee

Glad to see all the gardens in 
the ReNew Lots Art space

Tomatoes and Sage

The crafts at Diva Designs! So Dope!

It was so hot and humid this day!

Good to see everyone there!
The panel was so dope!

After the panel discussion, they broke out into "Criminal Minded"! 
Sadat X * Evil Dee * Exec. Dir. Catherine Green * Nikki D * Hakim Green * Janeea

June 17th, 2015 - July 17th, 2015


This Ramadhan tested me in so many ways. I started working on June 29th and I wore my headwrap everyday to work. I remember why I used to wear my headwrap. Not to repel provocation in men, but to feel the regal vibration that come with a covered crown. I will be wearing my headwraps more often. My fast was from punching the shit out of people who truly deserved it. I'm just glad these bouts of will power were in the month of Ramadhan. Not sure what it would have been any other month. My hair did get a little dry, though. I'm inspired to create a new conditioner for covered heads of hair.

June 17th, I had another meeting with my lawyer, my landlord and their lawyer's with an administrative law judge. And again, my landlord didn't have the necessary paperwork to complete the conference. My landlord wanted to subpoena someone, so we adjourned until mid July. I stopped worrying, almost immediately. You can't beat me, intellectually, mentally or legally. I'm done.

I remembered my sister Patricia today, on her birthday, June 18th. She was a beautiful woman who left us too soon. I miss you, Sis...Rest in heavenly peace and say hi to Nana and Daddy for me.

On June 23rd, I had my colonoscopy at NY Presbyterian in the City Hall area. It only took 30 minutes. I needed anesthesia and an escort to take me home. Thank you, Baby. I got home and I was so tired and hungry. I ate well that night. I slept very little, though. I've been stuffing my face with all types of food except what my doctor told me not to eat and lots of water. I couldn't do anything for the rest of the day except eat. Strict rules to follow: lay up and rest. While at the hospital, several people complimented me on the outfit I wore to the hospital. I was more than flattered and beyond humbled. I dressed up a little to feel good. That solution I had to drink the day before the procedure had me looking and feeling literally, physically and figuratively drained. 

I spent the next couple of days in the house, eating and sleeping. I was amped to start my new job. I'm very good at assisting people. It makes me feel good to make others feel good about themselves. I enjoy helping people. I went to Beatminerz Radio, that Wednesday, after work, and Cyn was presented with her Birthday cupcakes on the air. We had a good time, as always! Happy Healthy Blessed Birthday, Cynical! 

I feel like I've been doing my job for ages. Customer service is just that. I'm used to servicing my customers. Uh... Get your mind out of the gutter... LOL But to bring your thoughts into perspective, I've borrowed one of my friends poems to illustrate how I feel for mine. I'm blessed and I know I'm special...

That's Dope! Don't judge me. I'm grown.

Just a reminder, my people: Never talk bad about your King or Queen to other men or women. Every man or woman is not your friend. Some are just waiting for an opportunity. And you should never need to prove to others that your significant other loves you. That's their job. On the flip side, you will benefit from keeping people out of your personal business. That keeps all the bullshit outside of your relationship. And you can giggle at the people who want others to think they know what's going on...   

The Mama Wize and Cyn Darling
Thank you, DJ RedBoy!

Mr Bito and The Mama Wize. I Love This Dude!
Thanks, Redboy!

Criss * Sonja Blaze * The Mama Wize
Nice one, DJ RedBoy. Thank You!

Not only is DJ Redboy a dope DJ, he's a phenomenal photographer. Helluva great guy, too.  Thank you for all the pics you've taken of me, man. Loving the memories.

Every year, I will declare the same thing: I do not celebrate the Fourth of You Lie. I do not barbecue in honor of the freedom of the foreigners who came to this land. On July 4th, 1776, black and brown people were slaves and treated as property. I don't do the 4th of July. It's a regular great weather day to me. Period. You have fun, though. 


Don't hate the truth... Learn it!

I said I was leaving Cyn and Sylk's birthday party around midnight because I had work the next day. I left at 3:35am and made it to work 15 minutes early. I'm not playing when it comes to my job, but I had to represent my sister and brother on their night of celebration. Thank you, again, DJ Redboy, for the pictures! 

The Mama Wize and Cynical Smith 

Joy and DJ Sylk

Talia and Bazarro

DJ Evil Dee and Crazy DJ Bazarro

Terri Berrie * The Mama Wize * VVs Verbal 
* Bernadette * Lisa

DJ Sylk and Mr. Bito with the thumbs.

DJ PrimeTime * The Mama Wize * DJ Butta L 
* Cynical * Kimmy * DJ Sylk * The Bito Thumb 
and Crazy DJ Bazarro, photobombin

Crew Love: Bernadette * Almitra * Cynical * 
Yejide * Mr. Bito* Napoleon  Da Legend * 
VVS Verbal * Michelle * DJ RedBoy

Wednesday, July 8th, Pete Rock came to Beatminerz Radio and we had a full day of good music and great people. His son is a doll and he chilled with producing heavyweights. We had a good time.  

On July 11th, my GI doctor explained that I have GERD, (gastro-esophageal reflux disease). Basically, the valve that stops and separates stomach acid from my esophagus isn't closing tightly enough and the stomach acid is flowing in reverse. I need to reduce my intake of acidic foods, like citrus fruits and tomatoes. I need to steer clear of gum, using straws, breathing in air when outside and I must avoid lifting heavy things, as that may cause my intestines to stretch and coil. 

My intestines are looping from the constipation and the GERD is not helping my situation. I can have small cups of decaf coffee and chocolate in moderation, but no late night snacks... DAYUM! He said I should not have any food 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. I told him I love to eat greens. He let me know it's my greens that keep me gassy. His suggestion was to boil them for three minutes, then cook them how I like. I also take psyllium husk with water, daily. Psyllium husk is an organic fiber pro biotic from India that helps to clear out your intestines, like Metamucil. I'd rather use the natural agent. This is not the gospel of health remedies, it's just what I need to do for myself to improve my condition. Hopefully, this can help someone else. 

With all the craziness my life has, I still have time for the goodness. 

I am who I am...

I had another meeting with my landlord on July 16th. This meeting was adjourned because the parties that were sent the subpoena last month didn't show up. I just found out at the same time in Brooklyn, the Feds came and confiscated computers, records and people from my landlord's office. Can't wait til August... Karma, yo! If  you don't do her right, she will come back to haunt you. It's time for a cleansing...

Friday, me and my QueenSista, Carmen B had a good night out and I chilled with her beautiful family before I hung out in East New York with my Menzinem. We laughed til 2 and they sent me home in a cab. I had a dope Friday... Saturday was the bomb, too! :)

This past weekend, I was stopped at the G train station by a brother who recognized me from social media. He thanked me for my inspirational Instagram and Facebook posts. He thanked me for having my head on straight and being a positive black woman. He positively anticipated my return to CyberSpace. Hot damn that brother made my day! Thank you Tariq Muhammad.  Now all I need is a new phone...  :) 

Thank you, Dose! Needed to see this!!

I'm still building these! 
Working on my terrace garden, now.

I'm waiting for Jamin Beas to create this purple one for me!

If you would like me to promote your service, product or event via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Hipstep Massive, and here, in this blog, for $20/monthly, email: alllove@wemanifest.com.

If you're interested in bartering services, products or free entry to your events, email: negotiate@wemanifest.com.

If you're due for an interview, we can schedule something at our convenience. Holla at: mamawize@beatminerzradio.com.

Since I cannot update my website, I will leave you with this...

The Balance ~ Wearable Art 
Summer 2015 Retail Catalogue

I created this post for those who have enjoyed these product and those who don't know they exist. If you have a retail store or an Internet site that sells all natural and organically handcrafted goodness for your hair and body, please give me a shout. If you would like to make a large order, I can forward you a wholesale catalog. I, also, specialize in orders for custom crafted flavors. Detailed information provided on all products following the listing. Peace and Blessings!

2oz clear jar: $5 * 4oz clear jar: $10 
* 8oz clear jar: $15 * 16oz clear jar: $23
Flavors include:
Cinnamon Cocoa * Mango Creme Fraische * Lavender Chamomile Shea * Mango Shea * Butternut Squash & Vanilla Bean * Egyptian Musk Cocoa * Chamomile Mango Aloe * Rosemary Shea * Aloe Essential Oil * Chai Shea * Rosemary Chamomile Shea * Unscented Shea * Unscented Mango * Unscented Aloe

2oz clear jar: $4 * 4oz clear jar: $9

* 8oz clear jar: $16 * 16oz clear jar: $25

Flavors include:
Black & Blue Berry * Citrus Ginger * 3 Berry * Brown Sugar Honey * Blueberry * Peppermint * Frankincense & Myrrh * Lemon Mint * Raspberry Lemon * Coconut Coffee * Milk & Honey * Sweet Lemon Olive * Eucalyptus * Lemon Olive Flax Seed * Fruity Peppermint * Egyptian Musk * Green Tea & Honey * Honey Almond * Blueberry Chamomile * Unscented


8oz clear jar: $12 * 16oz clear jar: $22

Flavors include:
Oatmeal Lavender Aloe * Tumeric Ginger Aloe * Eucalyptus Salve * Tumeric Rosemary Lemon Mango Mint Shea *

2oz clear jars: $10 * 4oz clear jars: $17
Flavors include:
Eucalyptus * Lemon * Chamomile * Lavender * Cocoa
Chamomile Lemon * Lemon Peppermint * Lavender Hemp

4oz clear jar: $9 * 8oz clear jar: $15 * 16oz clear jar: $23
Flavors include:
Aloe Essential Oil * Basil Burdock Root * Cinnamon Nutmeg * Lavender Sage * Stinging Nettle Burgamot * Lemon Eucalyptus * Hemp Sage * Avocado Aloe Vera * Aloe Sage Chamomile Lemon * Creamy Shea * Rosemary Bergamot Aloe Vera
(all can be prepared with either shea butter or aloe butter)


2oz clear jar: $8 * 4oz clear jar: $14 * 8oz clear jar: $20

Flavors include:
Chocolate * Almond * Mango * Strawberry * Cherry * Blueberry * Cinnamon Chai * Peanut Butter


Baskets start at $70 * 
$5 extra for each larger sized body product 

* $3 for 10 extra incense sticks 
* $5 extra for additional recipe or exercise
Flavors include:
The Healing Basket (I AM) - Root Chakra
The Sensual Basket (I FEEL) - Sacral Chakra
The Pamper Basket (I DO) - Solar Plexus Chakra
The Passion Basket (I LOVE) - Heart Chakra
The Building Basket (I SPEAK) - Throat Chakra
The Visual Basket (I SEE) - 3rd Eye/Brow Chakra
The Manna Basket (I UNDERSTAND) - Crown Chakra

BALANCE ~ WEARABLE ART is a Brooklyn, New York based business specializing in high quality, all natural, herbal, hand crafted body and hair care products. We don't use any artificial ingredients or preservatives. We recommend you buy only as much as you intend to use in three to six months and then purchase another fresh batch at that time. You save money while we prepare fresh products for you. We don't keep a large stock available. We create product when requested to ensure optimal freshness. All of the herbs used are either ethically grown by us or selectively picked from organic farmers. Our base oils and pastes are all natural from different parts of the world that organically cultivate and distribute product by certified organic and or free trade standards.

THE BODY BUTTAHZ are made with natural and essential oils, raw butters (mango, shea, aloe & cocoa), homegrown and organically farmed herbs, and fresh organic fruits and vegetables that moisturize, tone and protect your skin. The combinations revitalize and help to maintain the elasticity in your skin without greasiness. You choose what's best for you. If you don't see a combination you like, we welcome any suggestions you have.

THE BODY SCRUBS exfoliate and moisturize the skin, leaving it smelling like the flavor on the label. We use Dead Sea Salt in most of our scrubs. Our Coconut Coffee, made with Free Trade coffee, is great for reducing cellulite and varicose veins. The ingredients mix well to make you feel and smell delicious.

THE MEDICINALZ are specifically prepared for treatment of various conditions. The Eucalyptus Salve is an all-natural and soothing alternative to Vic's Vapor Rub. The Tumeric Ginger Aloe and Oatmeal Lavender Aloe Buttahz relieve sensitive, dry and itchy skin and soothes insect bites. The Tumeric Rosemary Mint Lemon Mango Shea Buttah was especially formulated for people with ezcema. It's worked well for our customers but we realized that organic tumeric powder yellows clothing, so we use organic tumeric root in everything, now. Our apologies. :)

THE MASSAGE OILS are great to apply to the skin for deep tissue massage, Reiki, Tui-na Chi massage, Reflexology and Tantric Massage. It feels great when applied right after a shower or bath, before you towel dry and helps retain the moisture in your skin.

THE HAIR & SCALP CONDITIONERS/MOISTURIZERS protects hair from excessive heat, prevents breakage, maintains moisture, conditions the scalp, promotes growth and won't clog your pores. All combinations can be created with Aloe butter and or Shea butter, at your request. Shea is rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that rejuvenate and hydrate skin and hair. Aloe Vera has antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, immune-stimulating and anti-inflammatory compounds and promotes collagen synthesis. Aloe, also, contains vitamins C and E, plus the mineral zinc and hydrates damaged skin.

THE EDIBLE NIPPLE RUB is crafted for women who need relief from breast feeding, women who get cracked nipples from tanning and everyone who loves nipples. This rub conditions, moisturizes and softens the areola and breast tissue, regardless of it's size.

THE CHAKRA BASKETS contain 7 items based on the colors and frequencies of each particular Chakra, including 20 sticks of Incense, an 4-ounce jar of body buttah, an 8-ounce jar of body scrub, a 2-ounce bottle of massage oil, a 1/4-ounce bottle of aromatherapy oil, an index card with a recipe to enhance that particular Chakra and an exercise to strengthen it!

The Balance ~ Wearable Art collection includes earrings, hair ornaments that double as rings, waist beads, anklets, bracelets, necklaces and books, self-published by Mukahayah LTD Publishing. We are currently building inventory for Square Register.

Feel free to email us with your thoughts, flavor requests, compliments and criticisms. We will send you a free 2oz jar of your flavor requests. You pay for shipping. If you like it, we'll add it to our catalog. Check our current inventory out at Etsy and Big Cartel. If you have questions, please email: balance@wemanifest.com. Thank you for your love and support!

I appreciate you reading my journey and I thank you spending time with me. Peace, Love, Respect, Guidance, Prosperity, and Great Mental, Spiritual and Physical Health to you and yours!