Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We need to take care of OUR business!

So AmeriKKKa wants to stifle Qaddafi because they don't like how he's running HIS country. The international gang has put their weapons and threats together to stop him, topple his government and get him out of position. The US government and it's allies have called him a monster for killing opposing forces in his country, while tooting his own horn and showing no fear.

Has anyone looked into the economic and cultural history of Lybia? This man is declaring his African-ness amongst the Arab-dominated part of Africa, but our African-American president is quick to bomb his country... initiating, yet another war. Don't get me wrong. I've always been an avid supporter of President Obama, but he's making major Bush moves for what? Oil? Props? Or brown-nosing for his cabinet cronies at the expense of an African leader holding down his territory against outsiders and political opposition?

Question: If some other country came to AmeriKKKa to let us know that democracy was unacceptable and it should be abolished so we could adopt a so-called better system of government and this other country would station troops where they saw fit and disbann and eventually destroy our government, how we vote for elected officials, our economic status, and they received assistance from other countries that were afraid of them because they are making the most noise, how would we feel?

President Obama surprised me with the address he made to the military and the AmeriKKKan public the other day because I kept comparing things he said 'we' wouldn't tolerate as AmeriKKKans to the conditions we had no choice in, ( i.e. 400 years of slavery and colonialism at the hands of our so-called 'current' allies; the 5 days it took FEMA to get water to the 'refugees' in AmeriKKKA during Katrina; the money that Haiti never received from all the AmeriKKKan agencies that supposedly had millions of dollars in donations for them; lynchings; police brutality; the prison industrial system, etc...). The list of atrocities is almost endless, yet President Obama couldn't make it to the International Conference on Race & Race Relations in Geneva while  politicians in other countries he visited wouldn't shake his hand as the black President of the United States.

I'm baffled by the lengths AmeriKKKan government goes to to set everyone else straight yet we still are in a recession, in debt to other countries and economically & scholastically falling by the knees to the point that other countries own property and real estate in AmeriKKKa and have surpassed us, the supposed super power, in math & science. The powers that be say we're out of the recession, but the homeless in NYC are still homeless; the school system and it's dissention amongst the city and teachers in NYC is ridiculous no matter how many great teachers and charter schools are erected; we have politicians who not only defraud the political, economic, and ethical system they're supposed to uphold, but they lie to their constituents and perjure their oaths of office, knowing they won't get hard time in prison for it or can relax in a country-club facility. The saddest part in all this is that this is not just a NYC epidemic, it's rampant throughout the Untied States.

How about we take care of ourselves before we go trying to tell others what to do? What can we do to prevent the drama of the powers that be from knockin on our doors? We can make sure we, as parents and concerned citizens, encourage our children and young adults to learn, think analytically, study, read & discuss everything, be respectful and honestly, learn how to defend themselves and learn the laws of their land. Holla back with input!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So much to do & so little time...

My current schedule is filled with Park Slope Food Coop shifts, creating new jewelry, making time for friends I haven't spent time with and hanging out with my GrandSun because he's so much fun! I have officially been in grind mode with my work & my time management. I'm making arrangements to go back to school and record some new tunes by next week. My fast has been, yet again, postponed because I haven't been in the house long enough to rest and regulate myself so I can successfully complete it. But this Sunday, I begin my gall bladder & liver cleanse - thx, Stahhr - & I've already created a few new dishes conducive for the fast after my cleanse. To commemorate this cleansing I will be inviting some ladies over to a vegan potluck to eat, cypher, network and just release for this womben's herstory month. Details will be emailed & on facebook... Plans are being made to travel the entire east coast to do demonstrations and sell my merchandise, so look for ya sister, soon... out of the house!