Saturday, November 26, 2011

Greetings, My People...

I've been busy with my new city job, still grinding on the music tip with my music (, making the money do what it do and finishing this videography and editing class. I'm on my path with support from my children, mother, father's spirit & friends and it feels great. The past month has been illuminating, to say the least. I'm definitely shining!

I just added my Thanksgiving menu to my culinary page, and realized, what I did... I played into the hands of AmeriKKKa's never-ending job to keep me from doing what I need to be doing. How many other things could I have gotten done instead of cooking for an empty house? My daughter, son-in-law and grandsun go to her father's house and his mother's house every year to eat. My sun is in Japan. I love my children and I tell them everyday, so what was I thinking making all the food I made? Straight habit! But it continues, no longer. Thanksgiving will be disregarded like all the other bullshit holiday's this country has conformed society to follow:

* Thanksgiving: one designated day to give thx & cook for an army;
* Christmas: one day to celebrate the birth of Christ represented by toys and gifts;
* Valentine's Day: one day to show love to everyone with the chocolate hearts, candy & or sex;
* Easter: one day to celebrate the resurrection of Christ by going to church & walking the runway for communion crackers, bunnies & colored, boiled eggs;
* Fourth of July: (U-LIE!) one day to celebrate AmeriKKKan independence, when slavery was in full effect on July 4th, 1776 & continued for almost a century afterwards.

We should love & honor our parents, everyday, so Mother's & Father's Day is real WACK!

I know I can do more if I put my mind to it and actions speak louder than words. What I won't do is spend money, time and energy on bullshit holidays or run the streets in a chaotic frenzy trying to find sales on items I probably won't need. I'm not one of the drones who follow AmeriKKKan tradition.

At least not anymore!

Monday, October 31, 2011

In the words of Grand Puba: "Sorry I left you..."

Its been an exciting time for me... I got the job I wanted; I won a court case others told me not to pursue; (even the judge said he was impressed with my evidence); I'm waiting for confirmation for some classes I want to take; my children are excelling at all they put their mind, soul & talents into and my grandsun seems to be getting wiser, day by day. As a matter of fact, I was doing his hair tonight and I didn't notice that the Simpson's were on my TV. Homer said the word 'suck' and my grandsun declares: "That's not appropriate for children, Gramma!" I must say I was so impressed, I called his parents into my room to hear what he said and why. We agreed... and put on the Thundercats!

I'm still cooking a lot and posting my culinary delights at I virtually displayed a new joint I wrote and made my first music video, compliments of my brother, Black Sparxx, titled HALF! Much love and thanks to F.A.M.E. NYC Magazine for the write up on me: I've enjoyed a random Sunday night out at Club Sutra, having good conversation with my good friend, DJ Evil Dee, then dancing my ass off at the Funk Box with DJ Ruben Toro, & my homie, Twan! Good lookin, fam!

I'm proud that my dawtah was rallying at her CUNY college on behalf of the ridiculous school tuition hikes. I was outside John Jay College back in the 90's doing the same thing. I applaud everyone who is occupying somewhere for something substantial and fair. I do declare I am not the 1%! And how dare YOU, (the government, police & multimillion corporations) get paid to fix shit and don't, then penalize people when they look to you for assistance (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, inflated loans, banks, Wall St, etc.), knowing you were guiding them in the wrong direction for your personal/business gain/greed?

I am not an advocate, nor do I agree with how Moumar Qaddafi was executed by the US. The news said he was injured in both legs as he was apprehended and ten minutes later they declared him dead... Was he shot in his aorta so he'd bleed out on purpose? This is just as suspect as Bin Laden's demise.

America boasts of democracy;, government for the people, by the people... So why are there so many people occupying? Why are so many people hungry, unemployed and homeless? Obviously, the people are not satisfied with the government, it's bureacracy or it's bullshit rhetoric.

As a dictator, Qaddafi did more for his country than any democracy I know of, or is my information wrong? Please let a sister know: Qaddafi paid all new mother's $5,000 * he made sure all residens of Lybia had homes, cars & jobs * college was free * health care was free * college students who couldn't find jobs were paid what they would get if working until they got jobs in their respective vocation * Lybia had some of the best oil worldwide, for themselves * Qaddafi's been reppin Africa for blacks since the 90's and put forth a plan to better relations between blacks & Arabs. Looks like another Rosewood/Black Wall Street to me. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about...

How does America go to his (Hussein/Bin Lden/Qaddafi, etc.) house and kill him cuz they don't like him? Or is it that he was doing his own thing without the consent of the US? Aren't there laws within the Geneva Convention against that? Or is everyone afraid of the big bad Obama puppet? I say that because he's not doing what I thought/I'd like/he said he'd do for America. He's done nothing regarding race as the first black president, (including NOT attending he International Conference on Race in Europe a few years ago) and I expect he won't be the favorite candidate by intellectual black folk.

School should be free everywhere in America. Maybe we'd stop occupying places if we all had equal opportunities to education, food, clothing & shelter .Maybe we'd be higher up on the education pole, cuz America is low on the totem as far as math, science and literacy is concerned.

How do you NOT tax people and companies making trillions of dollars a year with a public assistance roster sky high in urban & rural areas? Urban areas that are gentrifide up the wahzoo, with a Hasidic tenement or Hasidic owned condo next door to the projects are a slap in the face!  And in those tenements are hasidic adult & teenage girls having babies and robbing the economy blind by getting medicaid, food stamps, rental assistance and cash while their fathers, spouses and brothers not only own property but own the condos and coops filled with the rich people who want to live here.  

The VietKong told the black man to leave cuz it wasn't their fight. Obama's gonna make it hard for black people not to get lumped in with white people when it comes to this Israel, Egypt, NATO, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi bullshit! Time to take care of Africa, Haiti, the Caribbean, native Indians and the original peoples of this planet. Everybody says go home... As far as I'm concerned, my Ancestors not only were here first, but taught everybody how to live, irrigate, farm, love, be communal, create your own and share, love the earth and yourself, not to mention we built America... so how does the first black president not give props or an ear to Reparations? Hold up! Where's Michelle? We Need to sit down & talk for a minute... My bad! Besides my venting, I'm really good. I just want the world to be better... at least fair at this moment in time...

How do you feel? Please put feedback on the actual blog! THX!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Keepin Everything In Perspective....

The home front is happy and stable, continually growing and learning... I had a rough Ramadhan but I learned & grew a lot. My mind is always racing and I, for a few months, could not concentrate on what was priority, as far as projects. Me & mine are always first priority but my money-making ventures, my hobbies, my music, my instruments, my diet, my exercise regimen; they were all jumbled for a while. I also attribute my scatter-brain-ness to not reading regularly, getting caught up in the idiot box (premium channel movies & series, NOT reality/comedy garbage) and not eating what I needed but what I could get my hands on most of the time. I spent a lot of time outside of my home in August and I know I'm supposed to carry good food with me. My children do it all the time because I set the example. I fell off my own schedule, so I must re-align...

September is a renewal for me, again! I need to rejuvenate a little more than the average person because I've experienced and I'm experiencing more than the average person. It's cool. Knowing is half the battle and The Most High does not overburden me. I CAN handle whatever comes my way. I got this! I'm back on track... hanging out to network, dancing for freedom, writing with a purpose, illustrating how I feel through word-sound-power & pen! It's ON, y'all! Get at me to feel the power, ya heard!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ramadhan Mubarak!

My energy is renewed! My love for life is overflowing! My family is doing well! I'm back in my kitchen! My plate, of things to do, is always full but I can eat all day! I love the fact that my energy keeps regenerating & I know it's because Mercury is in retrograde. This activity has an adverse affect on me...

I've decided that since I'm fasting from negativity, anger, stress & bad vibrations, I will not only be cordial to people I've purposely ignored, but I'll greet everybody with a sincere smile and mean it. It takes way to much energy to frown, be nasty and immature. I'm in such a good place that I think I can share my great fortune and clarity with the world, hence, no high school drama BS! I'm too old for that... I'm The Mama Wize!

I'm over wasting time & being a host to parasitic men, women, situations & relationships. I cannot grow with these entities/energies in my midst and I certainly can't accomplish everything I want to do, while worrying about things that only redirect my efforts away from my goals.  The focal point for this month is to navigate all efforts, emotions, activities and intentions towards my business, my family and my well being (physical, mental, spiritual & financial).

In an effort to assist the universe in goodness, I'm offering meals for the month of Ramadhan. Please check my new note on Facebook. I'm making myself available for whatever, whenever. I feel its time to take advantage of this period in my life to do even more to network with like-minded, spiritually-guided, intellectually-sound people and community-based, worthwhile causes and homegrown initiatives. I'm guaranteed to prosper if I assist others with attaining their goals.

In October, when my home renovations are completed, I will be having my TRUE GAME nights, again. I should have three new singles ready for the world. I will see the fruits of my labor as far as working out, eating right, reading more books, recording new material and networking with 'my' people. It's time the people who want to heal the world get on their job and do it. But you must start with the person in the mirror!

I want to give a shout out to my sisters and brothers who have supported me & have given me unconditional love and respect since day one. We may not speak on a regular basis, but i know they have my back... Much Love, Peace, RASpect, Guidance and Unity!                                                                                                          

Friday, July 15, 2011


Greetings, my people! I've been very busy taking care of parent-education-music-health business! First, I must shout out MY VILLAGE! The heads who came through for me when I asked for assistance. Five dollars would've been sufficient from every one of my 'friends' on facebook, but I guess I should have said, " I'm in need of donations for my bandcamp, kickstarter project or in bad health." My sun's education is not that personally relevant to many of you. Cool. Not to negate my last post, but I'm allowed to vent on 1st instinct before I calm down & think. After requesting assistance, I am very proud to say that with a little help from my 'village', I not only secured my sun's tuition, but he'll be spending his junior year in Kyoto, Japan. Higher education is a must and we all know that no one is giving us a free ride. Regardless of my children being young adults, I must exemplify the honored role of mother and I do damn well as a single one. But I must give overflowing love, respect, thanks and heartfelt admiration to MY VILLAGE:


On an accomplished note, I just recorded my 1st banger in 5 years with producer extraordinaire Black Sparxx on Wednesday! Music makes me happy and I've been terribly busy taking care of the homefront, as well as my spiritual & physical well-being. My cleanse has been put on hold long enough but I needed to breathe for a lil while. I am single, now and refreshingly happy about it! It just wasn't my time to be married.  Everything is coming together, nicely. The Most High most definitely stays blessing me and keeping my karma rich in peace, love, support and progress. The hustle never ends...

My co-op will be replacing all the windows in my home on July 26th, so I will be looking for anyone to redo my flooring (hardwood), cover my terrace floor with tile, retile my bathroom & remodel my entire kitchen. My home is abundant in positive Qi, love & comfortability, but after 33 years, I need to reconstruct & re-energize my domicile! If anyone knows anyone who does any of this type of work, please send them my way! I'll be ready to start the renovations the second week of August 2011. Money, bartering, and or crashing while the work is done is very negotiable. Resume/Bio & References needed!

Back on my nutritious fix! Made some time to devise a great monthly menu for the house as well as snacks & food I take with me to events. Just made a small portion of brown rice & fennel congee for myself. Rice congee is a thin porridge that tonifies the blood and Qi energies, harmonizes digestion and is very nutritious. The longer it cooks, the more powerful it is. Since rice itself strengthens the spleen-pancreas digestive center, my adding fennel enhances the power of the rice & the fennel harmonizes the stomach, expels gas & cures hernias.  I figured the fennel would be beneficial to me because of the three hernias I've already had.

Lastly, this Sunday, July 17th, there will be a Soul Summit Party in Fort Greene Park and I'm bringing a few delectables to enjoy while I dance, build & break bread with some of my people. I will FINALLY, begin following my new alkaline-based, vegan-centered, Asian-soul food-oriented menu. This will be the bomb! If you'd like to have some I suggest you let me know asap so I can provide enough for all to enjoy!

Enjoy your weekend! May the Most High bless U today & always! I know I'm covered!!! Peace :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


In my time on this planet, I have learned many things, like how to: 1) be a great friend; 2) eat to live; 3) raise well-mannered, respectful & intelligent children; 4) be a successful single parent; 5) be self dependent; 6) respect myself & others; 7) distance myself from drama; 8) love people for who they are according to how I see them as individuals; 9) encourage others to be their best... and many other things. I must confess, I fell off!

I was mad at a few people for not reciprocating what I thought they should. In the anger, disdain and overall bad energy I created within myself, I kept a smile on because I knew better and the smile was the beginning of my being a better me. But my heart hurt and I was too upset to sit down and talk about how I felt. Consequently, I sent out emails to address my angst and only one out of the several people I had a 'problem' with replied. She's still my peoples! And, trust me, there are people that I have traveled with in life that feel the same way about me, (who didn't respond to my communication) and I know who you are & you should reach out and talk to me.

But no matter who you are, I should expect nothing from you. I should not hold anything against you because you are not displaying yourself the way I want you to. I should not give in to the temptation of co-signing on things I hear, if they don't come from the source. I've been angry for really no reason. I've let external forces not only influence my judgment but cloud my personal vision and perception. Maybe I need to cut these locks and start fresh, again. Or at the very least, wear my headwraps more often. It's this 2nd batch of locks that is intensified with external drama and angst.

I had to remind myself that everyone does not have the same capacity to give. Everyone's story is different. Everyone's level of self-respect as well as their capacity to be a great parent, partner, bread-winner or person is different. But we can all love, respect, bless, learn, bring or be at peace with ourselves and each other. Everyone's path is different, so I will release this note into the universe with the wholehearted belief that what will be, will be. It is what it is. And May The Most High continue to guide me to the truth, strengthen my very being and keep me on point so I can decipher my real talk from my internal bullshit!

Blessings, Guidance, Power & A Higher Sense Of Self To Everyone!

Monday, May 2, 2011


As I sit here watching channel 11 air Michael Bloomberg's address to NYC after the suspicious demise of Osama Bin Laden, I listen to him give accolades to former President Bush & former Mayor Rudy Guiliani for their immediate assistance after the falling of the World Trade Center. He states that George Bush had an integral part in handling the WTC bombing and we basically 'got' Osama Bin Laden because of Bush's  coordinated efforts. How soon we forget that President Obama is the only President who said that while he was in office he will make sure we find and kill Osama Bin Laden. No one else. Bush was off the hook.

(Am I incorrect in believeing that Bush let the Bin Laden entourage go home via plane when 9-11 went down? He then immediately stopped flights out of the USA for a minute. Bush & Bin Laden were cool,  discussuing oil deals and land swaps, right? I thought we couldn't find Bin Laden? I guess I was supposed to forget all that... I can't be that sheep following the herd, ya heard?) 

Someone asked Bloomberg and his constituents behind him if they would rather have had Osama Bin Laden in custody, alive to stand trial. He dismissed her and moved on to the next question. How dare you, Mr. not-re-elected-3-terms-in-office-&-triple-the-homeless-population-with-unaffordable-apts-goin-up-thru-wack-ass-gentrification Mayor! Someone askd if NYC was happy about Bin Laden's death & he said he knows NYC is ecstatic. I am NOT ecstatic. The fact that 'Osama Bin Laden's killed body was in US custody' disturbed me last night as I read it on ABC News, sitting at the bar of Brooklyn Nights, while drying off from the sounds of DJ Will G at a fundraiser. I couldn't hear the speech Obama gave afterwards because I was in a club with loud music but he sauntered off so cool, all I could do is say, "Obama is Gangsta!"

I got home and heard the eloquent speech of our President and watched the cool ass walk off into the East wing of the White House, again. What disturbed & confused me was the crowd outside the White House yelling USA and waving flags. I understand the excitement and relief from the demise of a terrorist who brought down one of our most significant communication hubs in the center of America - yes, NYC is the true capitol/capital of the United States with the Stock Exchange, Federal Reserve, Statue of Liberty & Wall Street - but should we be so joyous? Are we not seeing the bigger picture? What if Osama Bin Laden had cells put in place to set it off, just in case he became a martyr? Should we be so happy that we don't get on red alert to combat what might go down as a result of his death? Do we think there will be no retaliation? Do we believe the figure head of Al-Queda is gone so the other terrorists will just leave, unhappy?

Mayor Bloomberg says when America makes a committment to do something, America gets it done. NO! PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA made a committment to find and kill Osama Bin Laden - not America, not George Bush, not Dick Cheney, not Hilary Clinton - ONLY President Barack Hussein Obama made THAT committment and ONLY he prevailed! I notice how they - the media, the 'elected' officials & newscasters - say America keeps it's committment to the people & refuse to say President Barack Obama. GIVE THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT HIS DUE PROPS & RESPECT, PLEASE!!!  At the end of the day, America didn't keep it's committment to the indigenous peoples of North America & stole land from my Iroquois ancestors. They didn't keep their committment to the Africans who suffered through the Atlantic Slave Trade with 40 acres and a mule nor are they willing to alleviate that promise by providing reparations.

The White House is having a press conference, interrupting my Judge Mathis for the 2nd time, so I will watch... Until you read again... Much Love, Peace, Strength & Analytical & Independent Thinking...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We need to take care of OUR business!

So AmeriKKKa wants to stifle Qaddafi because they don't like how he's running HIS country. The international gang has put their weapons and threats together to stop him, topple his government and get him out of position. The US government and it's allies have called him a monster for killing opposing forces in his country, while tooting his own horn and showing no fear.

Has anyone looked into the economic and cultural history of Lybia? This man is declaring his African-ness amongst the Arab-dominated part of Africa, but our African-American president is quick to bomb his country... initiating, yet another war. Don't get me wrong. I've always been an avid supporter of President Obama, but he's making major Bush moves for what? Oil? Props? Or brown-nosing for his cabinet cronies at the expense of an African leader holding down his territory against outsiders and political opposition?

Question: If some other country came to AmeriKKKa to let us know that democracy was unacceptable and it should be abolished so we could adopt a so-called better system of government and this other country would station troops where they saw fit and disbann and eventually destroy our government, how we vote for elected officials, our economic status, and they received assistance from other countries that were afraid of them because they are making the most noise, how would we feel?

President Obama surprised me with the address he made to the military and the AmeriKKKan public the other day because I kept comparing things he said 'we' wouldn't tolerate as AmeriKKKans to the conditions we had no choice in, ( i.e. 400 years of slavery and colonialism at the hands of our so-called 'current' allies; the 5 days it took FEMA to get water to the 'refugees' in AmeriKKKA during Katrina; the money that Haiti never received from all the AmeriKKKan agencies that supposedly had millions of dollars in donations for them; lynchings; police brutality; the prison industrial system, etc...). The list of atrocities is almost endless, yet President Obama couldn't make it to the International Conference on Race & Race Relations in Geneva while  politicians in other countries he visited wouldn't shake his hand as the black President of the United States.

I'm baffled by the lengths AmeriKKKan government goes to to set everyone else straight yet we still are in a recession, in debt to other countries and economically & scholastically falling by the knees to the point that other countries own property and real estate in AmeriKKKa and have surpassed us, the supposed super power, in math & science. The powers that be say we're out of the recession, but the homeless in NYC are still homeless; the school system and it's dissention amongst the city and teachers in NYC is ridiculous no matter how many great teachers and charter schools are erected; we have politicians who not only defraud the political, economic, and ethical system they're supposed to uphold, but they lie to their constituents and perjure their oaths of office, knowing they won't get hard time in prison for it or can relax in a country-club facility. The saddest part in all this is that this is not just a NYC epidemic, it's rampant throughout the Untied States.

How about we take care of ourselves before we go trying to tell others what to do? What can we do to prevent the drama of the powers that be from knockin on our doors? We can make sure we, as parents and concerned citizens, encourage our children and young adults to learn, think analytically, study, read & discuss everything, be respectful and honestly, learn how to defend themselves and learn the laws of their land. Holla back with input!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So much to do & so little time...

My current schedule is filled with Park Slope Food Coop shifts, creating new jewelry, making time for friends I haven't spent time with and hanging out with my GrandSun because he's so much fun! I have officially been in grind mode with my work & my time management. I'm making arrangements to go back to school and record some new tunes by next week. My fast has been, yet again, postponed because I haven't been in the house long enough to rest and regulate myself so I can successfully complete it. But this Sunday, I begin my gall bladder & liver cleanse - thx, Stahhr - & I've already created a few new dishes conducive for the fast after my cleanse. To commemorate this cleansing I will be inviting some ladies over to a vegan potluck to eat, cypher, network and just release for this womben's herstory month. Details will be emailed & on facebook... Plans are being made to travel the entire east coast to do demonstrations and sell my merchandise, so look for ya sister, soon... out of the house!

Monday, February 7, 2011


R E C O G N I Z E   T H E   M A M A  W I Z E ! ! !

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


In 1993, I had a Sun & Dawtah, no job and the ability to do or get what I wanted through my words and creative skills. My grind was fierce as I made greatness out of nothing and paid bills as a full time mother, full time vendor, full time college student and full time performer. Seventeen years later, the grind continues... Both young adults are doing very well in college, I have an inquisitive prodigy grandsun and a fiance who loves and supports me, wholeheartedly. That does not take anything away from the fact that I'm still grinding. For all you sisters and brothers who are doing it now, I commend you on your choice to make your own money using the crafts you were blessed with and the skills you've honed. I appreciate all the love I continue to receive and I'm still available for: natural hairstyling; selling oil and jewelry; performing Hip Hop & Spoken Word; cooking meat, vegetarian & vegan dishes; multi-cultural dancing and instruction; doing legal research; writing (just about anything); facilitating panel discussions & youth rap sessions; and I'm a Notary. For inquiries, please email me:  

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I noticed recently that a lot of people don't appreciate their lives. I hear people complaining about their so-called friends, their significant others, their families, and their jobs without thinking about what they have to be thankful for. I'm thankful for the good times and bad times because they keep me 'balanced'. I decided that I don't have friends, I have extended family and associates, but I respect them all. I've learned to get over the hurt others have inflicted on me and I grew from those experiences. I'm still growing. I do my best to keep my head on straight when I'm frustrated. When things don't go as planned, I create a plan B to move on, for my job on this plane entails more than being angry at what should've happened. I learned that I don't have to wait for people to thank me for what I've done for them. I appreciate the fact that I had the ability to help and for that I am blessed by the Most High. I let my beliefs guide me and try not to fall into my angry stage of ph*kk the world they owe me. It's a healing process to get over the hurt and anger, but the healing process puts everything into perspective. I choose to love me wholeheartedly at 700%. If I don't start this love, who will. Then and only then can I go on and share the love. Think about it!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's a New Year & Opportunities Are All Around Us!

I must say I've been feeling really good this far! My mother just went back to FL after traveling to NYC for her 1st born's bearthday party.  I saw family I haven't seen for a while and it was good to get out with the hubby. I miss my Dad, so seeing other family was refreshing, to say the least. I love you, all!

But my good fortune doesn't stop there... I have new pieces of jewelry made, an upcoming showcase to produce, a few interviews to conduct with dope artist that ruled the underground nineties Hip Hop & Spoken Word scene, and a great cleansing to complete after I finish these TV production classes on my bearthday! I'm very hands-on with everything, including being a grandma! When you fast/cleanse, you really need to stay home and rest, read, affirm and meditate, regardless of what you're getting rid of in your body or life. I've been on the run since December and I intend to stay that way until I can get my cleanse completed. Then I'll be off, again!

Let me know what this New Year & New You are bringing to the table and what you expect in return! Not from me...I'm just saying. By the way...I'm back online!