Saturday, November 26, 2011

Greetings, My People...

I've been busy with my new city job, still grinding on the music tip with my music (, making the money do what it do and finishing this videography and editing class. I'm on my path with support from my children, mother, father's spirit & friends and it feels great. The past month has been illuminating, to say the least. I'm definitely shining!

I just added my Thanksgiving menu to my culinary page, and realized, what I did... I played into the hands of AmeriKKKa's never-ending job to keep me from doing what I need to be doing. How many other things could I have gotten done instead of cooking for an empty house? My daughter, son-in-law and grandsun go to her father's house and his mother's house every year to eat. My sun is in Japan. I love my children and I tell them everyday, so what was I thinking making all the food I made? Straight habit! But it continues, no longer. Thanksgiving will be disregarded like all the other bullshit holiday's this country has conformed society to follow:

* Thanksgiving: one designated day to give thx & cook for an army;
* Christmas: one day to celebrate the birth of Christ represented by toys and gifts;
* Valentine's Day: one day to show love to everyone with the chocolate hearts, candy & or sex;
* Easter: one day to celebrate the resurrection of Christ by going to church & walking the runway for communion crackers, bunnies & colored, boiled eggs;
* Fourth of July: (U-LIE!) one day to celebrate AmeriKKKan independence, when slavery was in full effect on July 4th, 1776 & continued for almost a century afterwards.

We should love & honor our parents, everyday, so Mother's & Father's Day is real WACK!

I know I can do more if I put my mind to it and actions speak louder than words. What I won't do is spend money, time and energy on bullshit holidays or run the streets in a chaotic frenzy trying to find sales on items I probably won't need. I'm not one of the drones who follow AmeriKKKan tradition.

At least not anymore!