Wednesday, February 27, 2013


As far as I'm concerned, Black Our Story Month should be an extension of the 7 principles of Kwanzaa and continue throughout the 4 weeks of February, if not, the whole year. Technically, we should be giving and receiving of each other all year long so we can accomplish the things we want as well as make our dreams come to fruition. So to commemorate what I feel we should be doing as a people, I dedicate this blog to support, expose and give love to the endeavors of myself and others that would make this world a better place. So let's go! As far as great music and parties are concerned, check this out:

March 1st-March 3rd is "Mix Masters Weekend", so tune into, or check Check the lineup of DJs and the times they spin at Instagram: djevildee.

And every Thursday from 9pm-2am, Da BeatMinerz spin their asses off at Brooklyn Stable, 486 Metropolitan Avenue @ the corner of Rodney St, in Williamsburg, Bklyn. Lots of parking under the BQE, reasonably priced drinks, leather couches, 5 flat screen TVs & the kitchen is open until 2am. RSVP at for FREE entry! If you were at my bearthday party earlier this month, you already Undastand the Flava! 

By the way, since we all know radio is officially WACK, make sure you support independent artists, new music and BeatMinerz Radio! Go to & donate to their GoFundMe page #HomeOfTheDJ!

Bringing in Wombman's Herstory Month Hardcore...
Saturday, March 2, 2013 from 2pm-5pm at Hostos Community College, the LADIES represent!!!

And if you were not aware, my longtime homegirl, Apani B-Fly MC aka ( is the creator and facilitator of MusicTweetBox.TV. We tweet Ya vids to the world! Check youtube, too! 

Next Musical Manna March 15, 2013 at the Lox Lounge, 15 Putnam St btwn Grand & Fulton St, Brooklyn. $5 with DJs Mocha Sunflower aka The Rhythm Goddess & Mama (Mumma)  Lioness! Tasty Food, Good Vibes, Great Sounds, Strictly Vinyl and a Patio. Listen to our 1st party, join our crowd & listen to the live stream on 3/15/13!

DJ Mocha Sunflower, DJ Mama Lioness & Me!

And 3-24-13 DJ Mumma Lioness will be rocking at 
The Den 168 East 51st St, Brooklyn, NY 
for the Queenz of Soul Jah Sunday


Now, I've always been a supporter of quality merchandise, quality sounds and quality people. So it should be no surprise that I promote not only my products but other people's works and services that I use...

My sister, Tamina, has beautiful artwork and jewelry! 
Back in the days she loved Adidas, so she made herself an Adidas headband!

Al Hamdullilah, Ukte!

Please check her artwork out at facebook!
She also makes jewelry, like the earrings I'm rockin!
Check her etsy page out & support this artist!

Kibibi & I toasting to over 34 years of friendship!

Kibibi is an educator and the administrator and director of CyberCamp in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, NY. My daughter, Tajh (Kibibi's God-daughter) was a counselor at CyberCamp and Lioness' cubs go there in the summer! We're teaching our families, together! She crochet's too! Please go to: to find out more information to enroll your children!


I handcraft jewelry, oil mixtures and body products with optimal health, love and longevity in mind.  
Balance ~ Wearable Art, Jewelry & Oils...
You can check my etsy page or bigcartel page.

Fresh Berry Body Scrub
Hair Ornaments
Mango Buttah

Living True & Dancing Freely,
Marjory Smarth rocks Splash Earrings
My Sister Flame Burns rocking Menen, (red/gold/green/black) ring/hair ornament, Lybia, hair ornament/ring on her fingers and a ring/hair ornament with Onyx on her locks!

Well known Make up artist,
Jigga Jewel sportin Aquarius Earrings

And to complete my supportive frenzy...


He is the sweetest little man you'll meet and he's mad funny, like an adult... That's my dude! 

The next blog will highlight more female entrepreneurs for the month of March! If you're interested in being featured, holla at The Night Queen/The Mama Wize! 

Call or text: 347 450 7557
Peace, Love, Respect, Prosperity and Abundance!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Age of AQUARIUS!

Happy Healthy YOU Year, my people! If you don't know, my bearthday was February 7th... "I'm the seventh seed to exit Umi's womb, when civil rights were wrongs/blacks and whites sang songs together..." and I'm feeling myself right now. Big tings a gwan and I'm glad to be busy, happy, rejuvenated and so ready for each and every one of them.

I had a party to celebrate "ME" on Thursday, 2/7/13 at Brooklyn Stable in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and it was DOPE! Da BeatMinerz were SPINNING TUNES!!!

And if you've ever been to any one of their weekly parties back in the day, (@ Opus, Joe's Pub, Sputnik or their annual free bearthday party at Sutra), then you know it was BANANAS! A few friends of mine came through to bless the Queen with their presence in spite of the blizzard warning popping up on everyone's cell phone earlier that day. My daughter, Tajh,  provided the cupcakes and brownies for my guests. I was told by everybody that her desserts were delicious! I drank excessively. I danced all night in 4 inch heels and never tripped or skipped a beat. (You know I don't do heels!) I thank all my people, DJs Mr. Walt and Evil Dee and Brooklyn Stable for making my bearthday party so special to me! If you're my friend on Facebook, you can check the pictures out! :)

My successful party was confirmation of my belief that if my intentions are good-hearted, I respect myself and others and support those I find worthy, I will receive, in return, the same sentiment, energy and blessings! My affirmations are equivalent to The Laws of Attraction... Universal Laws...

 I awakened with no headache or hangover and have been on a natural high since.

I have mad work to do including going back to dance class. I found my first African dance teacher and mentor on Facebook and she still holds free African dance classes in Harlem from 6pm to 8pm, Mondays and Wednesdays. (That class will become routine for a sister.) You may want to check it out: Reverend Nafisa Sharriff at West 144th St and 8th Avenue.

My baby girl is expecting her baby girl at the end of the month and my grandsun's bearthday is on February 28, so guess who's celebrating for the entire month? Cheeeah! New schedule as of February 8th consists of time-management, thought-provoking activity, scheduled but limited tell-lie-vision viewing, and exercising my mind, body and spirit by being in my kitchen cooking, dancing, reading books and meditating... Woooosah!

I'll be selling my all-natural body scrubs and butters this week and beginning some new media projects. Things are busy and I love the fact that my time without a 9-2-5 is being productively spent. If you're interested in my inventory, check out my store on etsy @ You'll find jewelry, accessories and body products for sale. A few more items can be found at

Is it me or is the radio playing the same lame music over and over again? Can I get a count of how many people would be down to discuss this issue? Why is scripted reality TV the rave? Let me know your thoughts because this whole media dumb down program is pissing me off and I've lost faith long ago in the very industry that keeps this crap going!  PEACE