Saturday, January 18, 2014


I apologize for my absence but from July to December, I had major issues and very good times! I'm honored to be here letting you know my business and how I dealt with it and again, persevering through adversity. I was handed opportunities this whole time where my patience, free-spirit, trust, opinions, friendship and loyalty were tested. I believe I passed. I'm greatful! YES! The spelling is off because I am Full of Greatness to overcome the shit I was dished and still remain loving, self-confident and virtually unscathed. Give thanks to The Most High ~ ALLAHU AKBAR!

Let's bring you up to speed for January 2014! I'm so thankful!!! I've been going to physical therapy for my knees for a month and I haven't been out for anything except the Fundraiser for the Philippines, hosted by DJ Kuttin Kandi of the Anomolie Crew at Paper Box on the fifth! You can check my youtube page and my IG: themamawize for excerpts, photos and footage. I can only put you on to what I know is about to go down... It's most definitely good stuff:

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 DJ Evil Dee and DJ Lickashot will be spinning at 95Live in Washington DC! Flyer Here!

I'm still an advocate of healthy, nutritious meals with little preparation and being as colorful as possible. So make yourself a meal in a jar: Salads (fruit, vegee or a combo of), alkaline water, desserts, yogurt and granola combos, trail mix, etc. Let's GO!!!

Still selling my all-natural, body products. To your left, my homemade Eucalpytus Rub. Works like Vic's Vapor rub without the chemicals or the extreme smell. And to your right is my whipped cinnamon cocoa buttah. Smells delicious!

Come watch the Super Bowl and celebrate My Bearthday with us!
KING LION SOUNDZ providing the vibes. Check the flyer above!

There are many things in the works for the I and I'm very excited! My family is strong and I am powerful! I fear nothing but wasting time and I don't plan on procrastinating any further. Living my Life like it's Golden... Precious, Priceless and of considerable Strength! 

My quick rundown of the last six months... JULYMid July, I had a leak in my kitchen that came from 5 floors above my apartment, which required my landlord to remove my kitchen sink, all my kitchen cabinets on the wall, repair my wall and inspect for mold. Five days later, I was in a car accident, which caused me to start physical therapy for my back, neck and knees. I had a quick flashback of my car accident on Mother's Day 2004, three months after my third hernia surgery... so I consider myself truly blessed!  

I took my 'homegirl' under my wing, again, and again she proved to be following her lower self, back-biting and talking about me to people I introduced to her. Another sister was hating on me, lied about me to others, tried to flex at a party and got her feelings hurt. I guess you can be a pigeon in your 40's. It's just sad that they can influence others to be a part of their birds nest. I forgave them both because I enjoy MY Peace. But I'll never forget and I won't fall for the 'I'm grown' soliloquies from anyone, again. Actions speak volumes! I did all I could but in the end, unnecessary people in my life are like smoke in the wind... transparent! Understand: Karma's a bitch when you don't feed her kindness. And let me clarify: My misfortune was not a consequence of MY Karma, but a result of a lazy landlord who does shoddy work and a dumb ass driver on the North Conduit, where we were rear-ended. Ramadan was truly intense!

DJ RedBoy had a block party in Brooklyn and mad heads from Da BeatMinerz Radio Family came through to enjoy the festivities! Our Musical Manna DJ Mocha Sunflower had her sun, Rakim, on July 17th, her actual due date! Congratulations, Mommie Mocha! 

AUGUST:  I took my landlord to court because I didn't have my kitchen sink back on July 24th, as promised and there was no mold inspection. 
I started physical therapy on my neck and back, three times a week. I explained that I hurt my knees but no one bothered to schedule an orthopedic appointment through the no-fault policy. On my sister, Lioness' bearthday, 8/2, we both had to report to Jury Duty. I treated her to lunch and the next day, we had a great time at Splitty's for her bearthday celebration with friends and family. (Oh the drama that ensues when jealousy's rears its ugly self...) I did a few days of Grand Jury Duty, but had to reschedule because it was interfering with my therapy. The Musical Manna party for Lioness' bearthday on August 9th was SO dope! We had DJ Evil Dee, DJ Styff and DJ Mumma Lioness spinning great vinyl and MAD family came out of the wood works to be there! Point of Information: If you don't have $5 to get into a party and you're too proud to ask your friends for it, STAY YOUR BROKE ASS HOME! Thank you for holding the door DOWN, Tami!!! On August 17th, I sold my BALANCE ~Wearable Art collection at Harlem Week with my sister Kat, creator of the KittyRose Lyfestyle! Our August 23rd Musical Manna party was a banger with DJ Boodakhan rocking with DJ Mumma Lioness and my Westchester brethren coming to support the Musical Manna Movement! 

SEPTEMBER: On the 1st, Da BeatMinerz Labor Day Party at Sutra was Bananananaz! Mad BeatMinerz Radio family came through to represent from far and near. I was still going to physical therapy three times a week and still complaining about my knees. Finally, I saw an orthopedist. I created a lengthy file of code violations, letters of request and photos of my kitchen to several department heads in charge of specific agencies throughout New York City. My landlord did not follow the court stipulation of repairs and code violations to fix, due to be completed this month, so I was back in court. They didn't care that I had no kitchen sink for over six weeks and two grand-children, both under the age of 6, in my home. And as a Muslimah, it is haram (forbidden) to take food in the bathroom. But where could I possible clean my fruit, vegetables and dishes? This was despicable, but what could I do? My pen is so much mightier than my sword. Eventually, it got results. My sword would've gotten me in jail on several felony charges.

I started Grand Jury Duty on the 6th, the same day as our Musical Manna Party with DJ Real Ras, Ras Taiyo and a performance by Bo Bo Saw.  Good times had by ALL! Still going to therapy three times a week for my back and still complaining that my knees are injured. Finally, I saw an orthopedist and I was scheduled for MRI's in October. Still no kitchen sink... The 20th, Musical Manna was dope with DJ Boodakhan, again, blessing the turntables. His sets were wicked! That was, also, my last day of Grand Jury Duty. Two weeks of hearing ADA's giving information and witnesses giving testimony to persuade us, the jurors, to vote whether these cases should go to trial or not. I learned a lot, but it emphasized the racial inequality in the justice system. That's a whole 'other' blog! smh

My mother's bearthday was September 24th and I am proud to say that she made the trek to Brooklyn from Tampa to celebrate with her girls. Out of seven children, she has three daughters in NYC, one in NJ and googabs of grandchildren and great-grandchildren in the tri-state area. We had a great time! If I can be half the woman she is,... WHEW!!

OCTOBER: The Musical Manna Party on the 4th was rocking, but I had a 'run in' with the bar manager because he let patrons in the party for free. He tried to tell me the bar comes first. I explained to him, respectfully and professionally, that Musical Manna is OUR party and when I created the contract between Musical Manna and Lox Lounge, (yes, I'm a Paralegal and I don't play them games...), there was no concession stating that if the bar didn't make money that the bar manager can let people in for free so they can buy drinks and not pay the admission price of $5. He cursed, got disrespectful and let me know that Musical Manna's last party will be on October 18th because Lox Lounge was undergoing renovations after that date. Nice to find this out in the heat of a disagreement, after we already confirmed November dates for the party. Whatever!

I got to meet The Internet Communicator and Supporter Extraordinaire, Dr. Post-A-Lot! He came to Brooklyn and I was thrilled to meet the man... The Legend! Meanwhile, I'm back in court because my landlord is still acting the fool. Their lawyers were told all the repairs were done. WTP? So glad I mailed those packages out! The agencies I sent packages to, finally, got in my landlord's ass! A new kitchen sink and bottom cabinet were installed on October 15th. Now they want the rent I didn't pay for the three months I lived in my co-op apartment without a kitchen sink. Ha! Ha! Ha! They can wait for it! Even N.Y.C.H.A. don't get down like that! My MRI's show I have two sprains in my right knee and a tear in my meniscus and ACL in my left knee. Unbelieveable!

Game-changers: Black Moon celebrated their 20th year in Hip Hop at Williamsburg Hall of Music with Smif and Wessun, Sean Price, Talib Kweli and others, hosted by my HS homie, Dallas Penn! I was in the front and my pics and video are crazy! On the 18th, our last Musical Manna kicked ass! The G-Spot Gully Fam showed up! BeatMinerz Radio family came through, HARD! Past special guest DJs came out! DJ Sylk was spinning with DJ Mumma Lioness! We had performances by Bucktown USA artist Jewels with Krazy DJ Bazarro on the one and twos! And our resident DJ Mocha Sunflower came back to jam after being on maternity leave for the past five months. On the 26th, BeatMinerz Radio had a Lost In Music Mix Master Weekend and I couldn't clean my house between the chatroom and my dancing. Then, the same night, DJ Sylk and DJ Nina Azucar killt Frank's Lounge! I was beside myself! To bring October to a close, on Halloween, the Gully Hallow Party was off the vegetable cart @ Brooklyn Stable! Salute to Da BeatMinerz, My GullySistas and The G-Spot Gully Crew! 

NOVEMBER: My landlord finally removes the cabinets from my kitchen and fixes my wall. I was a Coordinator at the Mayoral Elections in Brooklyn on the 5th, so I missed Big Rock's B-day Party at Bowery Electric on the 4th. I know/heard it was not to be missed! And of course, I missed it :(  My little sister, Taj, came to the NYC from the ATL for Zulu Nation Anniversary Weekend! I love that lady! ** My daughter, Tajh, turned a quarter of a century on the 17th! I'm so proud of my first born! She's such a treasure to the world. I may get on her nerves and she may make me irate, sometimes, but the goodness in her and her determination to give love and assistance is unmatched.** DJ Evil Dee, Krazy DJ Bazarro and DJ Shaboah McCoy, rocked out @ Negril Village! Still no word on what's going to be done about my knees, and the shoddy work done by my landlord is falling apart, already... smh... I had to get away from the NYC, so I took a weekend trip to DC and hung out with my musical peoples, Lickashot and Omar El. I was requested by lawyers to come in and make a statement regarding the car accident, on the 25th. On the 27th, I made a delicious fruit salad for my sister, Chevon for her Fundraiser for Resident Connect Care at Le Poisson Rouge. This was Thanksgiving Eve, the day I usually cook since I don't celebrate the bogus holiday. I give thanks, daily! And as a descendant of the Iroquois (Mohawk), I can't and won't celebrate it, ever!

DECEMBER: This month kicked off with me finally starting physical therapy for my knees. So on the 4th, The Gully Show Live was just that, LIVE! Performances by Pearl HarbaGposSumnlite, Napoleon Da Legend, and FATALE resurrected my Faith that Real Hip Hop still lives! The party continued at Negril Village for a little bit, with Da BeatMinerz Radio DJs spinning. Afterwards, me and my homegirl, Leesah went to a Karaoke Bar. She can't find the recording of me singing "King Of Pain", by The Police, but we'll move on, LOL... Da BeatMinerz had an ALL 45 Weekend and MAD heads came and represented on the wheels! Check the videos at Ustream, under str8 45. It was great to be in the presence of such excellent DJs spinning real music! Of course the drinks and good conversation contributed to the fun! 

I needed to disappear again, so I jetted back to DC for the Ultra Nate Deep Sugar Party at The Paradox in Baltimore, chilled with my homie, Omar and broke out the next day and took a flight to Tampa, where I finally got to meet my Florida GullySistas: Queen Shadina, Tiana and BrendaRuckus! I also got to meet my BeatMinerz brother, Zaahir and see Krazy DJ Bazarro and DJ Scratch get it IN at Crowbar! 

There was a DJ exhibition at Rock and Soul Record Store in NYC on the 27th. There was a DJ Blend Battle between DJ Mel Star and DJ KG! The battle is in seven parts on my My Youtube Page! The event was monumental to me... An impromptu battle with the audience left to decide the winner. Then we went to the True Wine Connoisseur's debut and selling at de wine spot in Williamsburg. Thank you Sadat-X  and Will Tell for being true Hip Hop entrepreneurs with a delicious red wine. Then, the same night, me, Mr. Bito, Lickashot and Dopestar met up with DJ Sylk, spinning at Visions. We had food, shots, more drinks and a good old time! 

There is nothing but love for the Mamaz of Musical Manna! The party was stopped because of scheduling issues. All of us will be successful in our individual endeavors and we truly appreciate all the love and support you've shown throughout our 10 month ride in sharing the vibes and the sounds! Thank YOU Very Much!!

Every party and showcase, block party and cultural event that I listed here has photos and footage on my Instagram account (themamawize). You can see for yourself how I spend my time avoiding confrontation and how I love my life. I'm back on track with new found energy, new found love, stronger motivation, hungrier determination, centered focus and unwavering inspiration. I pray all of you have the same need and desire to improve and be blissful on this earth. I got nothing but love for everybody! (I don't play that keep your enemies close crap. I avoid them, completely. People hate for three reasons: they are jealous of you; they want to be you; or they want what you have and cannot obtain it. I'm not, nor have I ever been a hater.) Until next month's greatness, Peace, Love, Respect and Abundance!