Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So much to do & so little time...

My current schedule is filled with Park Slope Food Coop shifts, creating new jewelry, making time for friends I haven't spent time with and hanging out with my GrandSun because he's so much fun! I have officially been in grind mode with my work & my time management. I'm making arrangements to go back to school and record some new tunes by next week. My fast has been, yet again, postponed because I haven't been in the house long enough to rest and regulate myself so I can successfully complete it. But this Sunday, I begin my gall bladder & liver cleanse - thx, Stahhr - & I've already created a few new dishes conducive for the fast after my cleanse. To commemorate this cleansing I will be inviting some ladies over to a vegan potluck to eat, cypher, network and just release for this womben's herstory month. Details will be emailed & on facebook... Plans are being made to travel the entire east coast to do demonstrations and sell my merchandise, so look for ya sister, soon... out of the house!

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