Tuesday, January 17, 2012


May the Most High continue to guide us to being the best we can be! Takbir! Allahu Akbar!

How's 2012 treating you? How are you treating yourself? I need to be good to me in these stressful times. I need to be a little selfish & spoil myself with pampering moments and cuddly things, like my grandsun... and maybe a bigger chocolate sweetie... :) It's been a while but The Most High always puts you where you need to be, you just have to realize it for yourself before you get caught up in foolishness you have no business being in. Assistance from above only comes when you learn to assist yourself. And as a single parent who put herself through 2 colleges & graduated both, I know I'm excellent at helping myself.

Since I started my new job in October, I've been waking up at 6am, making Salaatul Fajr, (morning prayer before the sun rises), then I commence with my morning workout. I complete my routine with a refreshing shower and I get dressed to get my butt out the door to make my 8:30 city time clock in. I've always started my day early and ended my nights late. I don't do that anymore.  I have several benefits from this particular job and two of them are sleep and rest, which are 2 different things. I make time to relax now.

I enjoy my job because I'm a nurturer by default. My parents were great! It's easy to assist others because I'm a customer service kinda lady. Everyday, no matter what the energy is on the other side of the phone or call center desk, I make my clients leave my place of business with a smile on their face, knowing a little or a lot more than they knew before they got there. It's a great, fulfilling feeling, so I think I'll retire from this gig!

My freelance grind kept me awake and anxious, but I stayed progressive & productive. My redirection from my constant 'freelance' grind has become a smoother process because I don't sweat allocating 8hrs dedicated to early Monday through Friday. I make better, thought-out decisions because I have a clear head, clear intentions and clear scan of the bullshit! And 'THAT' I avoid with no problem now, because I am in a better place with a better person to take care of me... ME! If you don't give yourself the TEE off: Time, Energy & Effort to be your best & put forth 100% for yourself, who will? And how can you give 100% to anything you're involved in, including raising children, working or maintaining a healthy relationship, in any capacity? I'm doing 100%, easy!

Bout to go back in the studio to knock out some more gems & start my Spring line of jewelry. I'm just enjoying life to the fullest. Still the entrepreneur, still the great parent/grandma, grown children still on point, grandsun still a prodigy, still focused, but now I'm breathing more easy & enjoyin my breezy (demeanor).

Holla atcha girl for natural hairstyling, writing, MCing, hosting, dancing (yes, even with my bad knees, I still get it in!), modeling, vending, cooking and just good old vibrational upliftment! I'll always have that!


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