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Except for the horrendous verdict in the Trayvonn Martin trial and the dumb asses I had to debate and orally spit/shit on, July has been wonderful and continues to inspire me... I have a new found reason to explore the possibilities of law school. Trayvonn could have been my son or grandson, my nephew or uncle, etc. My mother, sister & her children are in Florida. They could have been the victim or Zimmerman's racism, but I am fortunate that this was not the case. But the fact that it happens nationwide on a regular basis is more disturbing and we, as a community, have no choice but to do something about it. I choose not to protest. I choose not to march. The damage is done. Time to become strategists on taking care of the murderer and healing the family in pain. Time to organize and stop supporting businesses, companies, people and groups that don't have our direct well-being and safety as a paramount concern or goal. I am Trayvonn, Sean Bell, Eleanor Bumpers and all the other black men & women, Latino men & women, Native Indian men & women this country continues to brutalize, humiliate and murder... Anyone who wants to dialogue with me about keeping our babies safe, self defense, education, moving to Africa or anything that will lessen our dependence on this corrupt system, gimme a holla, so we can brainstorm... 

Ran into my Aquarian MC Sister, Tomasia
Mad fresh how that turned out! 
and heads I haven't seen in ages...
 I love this energy! 

The Stars of the Show! 
DJs Evil Dee Just Blaze Marc Smooth and Scratch

Then we broke out to Sutra to catch the tail end of Toca Tuesday's because Tony is celebrating all month. Ran into my brother C-Rayz Walz, my man, Touray and met a producer named, Selko
Ariel, my longtime friend and owner of Sutra, had to get a picture of Touray's cassette hanging from his neck. She loved the vintage-ness!

July 3rd, my new customer, DJ C Boogie had his hair washed, moisturized and twisted for his upcoming European Tour, by yours truly for Hair By Nature. I tried Argan oil in his hair and I must say, it makes your locks soft and shiny without a heavy residue. I used in my own hair some days later and it felt great!

Because his hair is so long and his locks are so thin, it took about 3 hours to complete. So we were both late for previous engagements, so we headed to the city...

The night ended with us dancing to DJs Tony Touch, DJ June and Evil Dee at Tamanny Hall for one of Tony Toca's Bearthday Bashes! Great to run into the old crew and then some... Check my Instagram videos... lol
I-Dstroy (my favorite comedian) and Evil

The Party was DOPE!

Crazy antics on the Turntables, that night!!! LOL!

FOURTH OF YOU LIE was dope with Da BeatMinerz Thursday party kicking ass, as usual... Of course fam came through and set the night on comfy... Me and DJ Redboy with cameras in hand. I'm still waiting for those pictures from the 5 year Anniversary of the G-Spot Gully Show, DJ Redboy! Yes, I'm shouting you out!
My people for life: Lioness, Evil and Tone

DJ Redboy DJ Mumma Lioness DJ Evil Dee and Tone Boogie

Don't ask and you'll be ok... lol

July 5th, I was chillin and got a lot of things done in my house. The leak from the 9th floor became a problem to the point of destruction of my kitchen cabinets, which goes down Thursday, July 18th. I wanted this done two years ago, so I'm ecstatic about the remodeling and the possibilities of new room and new found energies after I clear and cleanse my space!

July 6th, I partied with my girl, Paula at DJ Sylk's Bearthday party at Franks! Da BeatMinerz made it nice on both floors: DJs Sylk and Evil Dee downstairs and Mr. Walt and Sunshine Eddie D upstairs! 



Artwork by My Ukte, Tamina Muhammad!

It was also the last day of the International African Arts Festival in Commodore Barry Park! I never miss this event. No one should... But I ran into many friends there and that's a normal occurrence and one of the reasons I attend. I saw my sister, Angela, who I haven't seen in forever since she got married and I found out why... She has two beautiful girls keeping her busy: Grayson Hope and Gloryan Faith (Grace and Hope, Glory and Faith) You have to love that!  

I also caught Those Brothers, my dancing sister, Keys, my man, Diego and some of my favorite House DJs, DJ Champagne and DJ C Boogie, getting their spins on for the masses... Great Times!

Earlier, I had made my way to the first Soul Summit House Party in Fort Greene! Dope and filled with dancing people! I ran into all my favorite dancing people in the park and some I couldn't find but we made a valiant effort for being in the same place and not being able to see each other via text. SMH while LOL! After that I hung in ENY for a while and proceeded to the Den for Soul Jah Sundays!

WHEW!!! It's Ramadan and I have to slow my roll... I was going to put up a status I wrote with my meaning of Ramadan, but for some reason, Facebook has deleted it. In fact, Facebook deleted all the posts I wrote and received from other Muslims celebrating Ramadan. So when I can, before this year is out, my personal profile will be gone from Facebook. I don't know what they are doing but I don't like it and I'm not having it. I'll get all my pics and things off and leave my contact information and I'm out!

Anyhoo, The Ladies of Hip Hop had a great run this year from July 10th to July 14th with workshops, dance classes, battles and demonstrations. They started off with a party at the Lox Lounge!

The party at Lox Lounge was fiyah! 
DJ Rich Medina & DJ Snowbklyn made it funky! 
Tweet Boogie made sure everything was alright. 
Pioneers like Stretch and Caleaf came through to support! 
The party was called, "Men Who Support The Ladies"!

I rode my bike and ran into my sister, Tomasia. Twice in one week? Insane, but we do what we must, so I got her in the party. My girl, Paula was waiting for me outside & then DJ Sabine Blaizin is chilling inside... Wondrous gathering of female energy in here!

DJ Rich Medina and DJ Sabine
These sisters have all known me over a decade...
Tomasia, myself, Sabine and Paula!

So it's July 12th and Musical Manna has it's 9th installment at the Lox Lounge. Being that DJ Mocha Sunflower is about to give birth, we'll be having guest DJs spin with resident DJ Mumma Lioness! This go round, we started with a family member from Soul Jah Sundays, DJ Jah Beans of IOTA Musik. The 1st man to grace the wheels of Musical Manna... He will not be the last, ladies!


Wednesday, July 17th...BROOKLYN STABLE
with Special Guest DJ Queen Mecca of Pure Reality Sound!
We Manifest was founded on July 17th, 1997!
To celebrate our 16 years in operation, 
BALANCE ~ Wearable Art, Oils and Jewelry 
will be on sale at this Special Edition of Musical Manna!
Peep the inventory: www.wemanifest.etsy.com
Continue to Drink Up Dance Up Buy Up Feel Up and Free Up!

All Day Every Day Notice:
Support Independent artists, new music and BeatMinerz Radio!
Donate to our GoFundMe page! HOME OF THE DJ!!!

Thursday, July 18th...
You do know this is still popping, 
every Thursday for FREE, right?

July 19th @ Frank's Lounge
Three of my favorite DJs on this House ish!!!
And Frank's on a Friday is always live!

Saturday, July 20th @ BeatMinerz Radio...
"ALL VINYL DAY"  http://ow.ly/mTkTO  WORD!!!
with @DJGETLIVE @DJEsquire @djsnatch1 
@ReggaeBoyzSound @Beatminerz @DJEVILDEE

Sunday, July 21st @ Coney Island
with DJs liL Ray, Donna Edwards, Venus 7 and Ile Ife

Crazy DJ Bazarro is spinning for 
VJ Ralph McDaniels 30 Yr Anniversary of 
Video Music Box at Brooklyn Bowl

Monday, July 22nd @ Bowery Electric...
These brothers are so Brooklyn... This flyer is gangster...IJS

Tuesday, July 23rd @ Webster Hall
SumnLite and other talents will be performing!

Friday, July 26th from 10pm til...
You know the drill: Strong Drinks! Great Food til 2am!
Friendly Backyard! $5 All Night! 
Party will be streamed via: 
Any questions? Email: musicalmanna222@gmail.com

And to cap off the events, Summerstage Central Park 
is hosting The Rock Steady Crew 36th Anniversary 

Dope Event, not to be missed!!!
The line up is retarded!!!

I'll be back soon to share some pictures, video and madness... You know how I do. But be careful out there! Stay hydrated, blessed and happy about your life. We are not promised tomorrow. Tell all your people you love them and pray that what you strive for is what you really want and what you really need... Time waits for no one, so make every minute count.

Peace, Love, Strength, Guidance, 
Blessings, Power and Abundance!

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