Friday, February 21, 2014


I asked DJ Mr. Walt, Terri Berrie, DJ Evil Dee, Krazy DJ Bazarro and DJ Snatch1 who were their favorite MC's and producers... Let me rephrase that: Who were their personal Mount Rushmore of male and female MCs and producers. Now when I asked this question of seasoned producer/DJs, they added criteria on which I did not ask for. But it made for an interesting discussion that took up at least three hours of the Mix Master Weekend's second day. 

I had my rhyme legal pad with me and I asked, out of the clear blue, who Terri and Evil Dee's top four MC's were. We were drinking a nice infusion of fruit and spirits I concocted. 

 February 1st to your left
and February 15th to your right...

Walt had been downstairs for a minute, Krazy DJ Bazarro was just finishing his set and DJ Snatch1 was getting ready to start his set to close out Saturday, so I was initially asking Walt, Terry and Evil. While being given the reasons for their choices, I asked Bazarro for his top 4 and debates started based on who was more well known, who put out the most music, who's been doing music longer and what hits came from how many albums various MC's and producers made.

I cannot explain the fun I had listening and adding my $.07 to debates between Terri, Walt, Evil & Bazarro regarding our choices for we, individually, believed would be on our personal Mount Rushmore of MCs and producers. It's a personal listing but everybody had something to say about everybody's choices. It was amazing but insightful. I learned a lot from all four of them because they gave valid reasons for their decisions. Some choices changed for logical reasons and some were changed due to pressure, Walt and Bazarro, but it was all in fun and I agree with everyone's list... because it's personal and the debates made sense. I added on a few more categories but they were eliminated due to time constraints. We would have been at BeatMinerz Radio all night and it was hella cold and heads had to go home, eventually.

I started off with top 4 MC's which lead to top 4 producers because the discussion started to dwell on albums, singles and the actual music. I had to ask about female MCs which was almost unanimous in the choices of MCs that are listed. I also noticed that even though I know a myriad of female MCs, these brothers, world-known DJs/Producers, were like, "Who is that?", when I mentioned particular names. I must agree, most of the ladies I named were in groups that don't exist anymore, or were one hit/one album wonders or just not known to these brothers. We chose not to elaborate on the craziest or worst MCs. The opinions spanned across a large number of heads and each one had too long of a debate brewing.

When DJ Snatch1's set was over, I asked him for his top 4 male and female MC's and top 4 producers before he left with his son. A debate was sparked then, too, but I obtained his choices. (Speedy recovery Corey!!!) He had to press the issue that his list was personal. I was shown the dynamic of DJs, their thought-process, as far as why they choose to respect the MCs and producers they do. I also found out that it would have been much easier to do a top ten list, but I wanted the real and raw. Top ten would be drawn out and wouldn't induce such passionate arguments. It was eye-opening and hopefully I can do that again. It was dope to hear the reasoning behind the choices more than it was to learn the actual top fours. 


DJ Mr. Walt - Top 4 MCs: Rakim, KRS, Biggie and Jay-Z; Top 4 Female MCs: Lyte, Latifah, Lauryn and Jean Grae; and Top 4 producers: Pete Rock, Premiere, Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin

Terri Berrie - Top 4 MCs: Nas, Rakim, Jay-Z and LL Cool J; Top 4 Female MCs: Lyte, Latifah, Lauryn and Jean Grae; and Top 4 producers: Premiere, Pete Rock, Large Professor and Dr. Dre

DJ Evil Dee - Top 4 MCs: Rakim, Chuck D, KRS and Kane; Top Female MCs: Lyte, Latifah, Jean Grae and Rah Digga; and Top producers: DJ Quik, Large Professor, Pete Rock and Rick Rubin

Krazy DJ Bazarro - Top 4 MCs: Nas, KRS, Jay-Z and Rakim; Top 4 Female MCs: Jean Grae, Lauryn, Lyte and Latifah; and Top 4 Producers: Dr. Dre, Marley Marl, Bomb Squad and Organized Noise

The Mama Wize - Top 4 MCs: Rakim, KRS, Nas and Kane; Top 4 Female MC's: Latifah, Lyte, Lauryn and Rah Digga; and Top 4 producers: J-Dilla, Pete Rock, Premiere and Large Professor

DJ Snatch1 - Top 4 MCs: Jay-Z, Biggie, Nas and Kane; Top 4 Female MCs: Lyte, Latifah, Rah Digga and Rage; and Top 4 producers: Premiere, Pete Rock, Dr. Dre and Just Blaze

Tell me who your Top 8 MCs and Top 4 Producers are and why! Thank you for reading and Special Thanks to DJ Mr. Walt, Terri, DJ Evil Dee, Krazy DJ Bazarro & DJ Snatch1! Peace In Music!                

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