Sunday, January 30, 2011


I noticed recently that a lot of people don't appreciate their lives. I hear people complaining about their so-called friends, their significant others, their families, and their jobs without thinking about what they have to be thankful for. I'm thankful for the good times and bad times because they keep me 'balanced'. I decided that I don't have friends, I have extended family and associates, but I respect them all. I've learned to get over the hurt others have inflicted on me and I grew from those experiences. I'm still growing. I do my best to keep my head on straight when I'm frustrated. When things don't go as planned, I create a plan B to move on, for my job on this plane entails more than being angry at what should've happened. I learned that I don't have to wait for people to thank me for what I've done for them. I appreciate the fact that I had the ability to help and for that I am blessed by the Most High. I let my beliefs guide me and try not to fall into my angry stage of ph*kk the world they owe me. It's a healing process to get over the hurt and anger, but the healing process puts everything into perspective. I choose to love me wholeheartedly at 700%. If I don't start this love, who will. Then and only then can I go on and share the love. Think about it!

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