Tuesday, February 1, 2011


In 1993, I had a Sun & Dawtah, no job and the ability to do or get what I wanted through my words and creative skills. My grind was fierce as I made greatness out of nothing and paid bills as a full time mother, full time vendor, full time college student and full time performer. Seventeen years later, the grind continues... Both young adults are doing very well in college, I have an inquisitive prodigy grandsun and a fiance who loves and supports me, wholeheartedly. That does not take anything away from the fact that I'm still grinding. For all you sisters and brothers who are doing it now, I commend you on your choice to make your own money using the crafts you were blessed with and the skills you've honed. I appreciate all the love I continue to receive and I'm still available for: natural hairstyling; selling oil and jewelry; performing Hip Hop & Spoken Word; cooking meat, vegetarian & vegan dishes; multi-cultural dancing and instruction; doing legal research; writing (just about anything); facilitating panel discussions & youth rap sessions; and I'm a Notary. For inquiries, please email me: yejide@wemanifest.com  

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