Wednesday, May 11, 2011


In my time on this planet, I have learned many things, like how to: 1) be a great friend; 2) eat to live; 3) raise well-mannered, respectful & intelligent children; 4) be a successful single parent; 5) be self dependent; 6) respect myself & others; 7) distance myself from drama; 8) love people for who they are according to how I see them as individuals; 9) encourage others to be their best... and many other things. I must confess, I fell off!

I was mad at a few people for not reciprocating what I thought they should. In the anger, disdain and overall bad energy I created within myself, I kept a smile on because I knew better and the smile was the beginning of my being a better me. But my heart hurt and I was too upset to sit down and talk about how I felt. Consequently, I sent out emails to address my angst and only one out of the several people I had a 'problem' with replied. She's still my peoples! And, trust me, there are people that I have traveled with in life that feel the same way about me, (who didn't respond to my communication) and I know who you are & you should reach out and talk to me.

But no matter who you are, I should expect nothing from you. I should not hold anything against you because you are not displaying yourself the way I want you to. I should not give in to the temptation of co-signing on things I hear, if they don't come from the source. I've been angry for really no reason. I've let external forces not only influence my judgment but cloud my personal vision and perception. Maybe I need to cut these locks and start fresh, again. Or at the very least, wear my headwraps more often. It's this 2nd batch of locks that is intensified with external drama and angst.

I had to remind myself that everyone does not have the same capacity to give. Everyone's story is different. Everyone's level of self-respect as well as their capacity to be a great parent, partner, bread-winner or person is different. But we can all love, respect, bless, learn, bring or be at peace with ourselves and each other. Everyone's path is different, so I will release this note into the universe with the wholehearted belief that what will be, will be. It is what it is. And May The Most High continue to guide me to the truth, strengthen my very being and keep me on point so I can decipher my real talk from my internal bullshit!

Blessings, Guidance, Power & A Higher Sense Of Self To Everyone!

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