Monday, May 2, 2011


As I sit here watching channel 11 air Michael Bloomberg's address to NYC after the suspicious demise of Osama Bin Laden, I listen to him give accolades to former President Bush & former Mayor Rudy Guiliani for their immediate assistance after the falling of the World Trade Center. He states that George Bush had an integral part in handling the WTC bombing and we basically 'got' Osama Bin Laden because of Bush's  coordinated efforts. How soon we forget that President Obama is the only President who said that while he was in office he will make sure we find and kill Osama Bin Laden. No one else. Bush was off the hook.

(Am I incorrect in believeing that Bush let the Bin Laden entourage go home via plane when 9-11 went down? He then immediately stopped flights out of the USA for a minute. Bush & Bin Laden were cool,  discussuing oil deals and land swaps, right? I thought we couldn't find Bin Laden? I guess I was supposed to forget all that... I can't be that sheep following the herd, ya heard?) 

Someone asked Bloomberg and his constituents behind him if they would rather have had Osama Bin Laden in custody, alive to stand trial. He dismissed her and moved on to the next question. How dare you, Mr. not-re-elected-3-terms-in-office-&-triple-the-homeless-population-with-unaffordable-apts-goin-up-thru-wack-ass-gentrification Mayor! Someone askd if NYC was happy about Bin Laden's death & he said he knows NYC is ecstatic. I am NOT ecstatic. The fact that 'Osama Bin Laden's killed body was in US custody' disturbed me last night as I read it on ABC News, sitting at the bar of Brooklyn Nights, while drying off from the sounds of DJ Will G at a fundraiser. I couldn't hear the speech Obama gave afterwards because I was in a club with loud music but he sauntered off so cool, all I could do is say, "Obama is Gangsta!"

I got home and heard the eloquent speech of our President and watched the cool ass walk off into the East wing of the White House, again. What disturbed & confused me was the crowd outside the White House yelling USA and waving flags. I understand the excitement and relief from the demise of a terrorist who brought down one of our most significant communication hubs in the center of America - yes, NYC is the true capitol/capital of the United States with the Stock Exchange, Federal Reserve, Statue of Liberty & Wall Street - but should we be so joyous? Are we not seeing the bigger picture? What if Osama Bin Laden had cells put in place to set it off, just in case he became a martyr? Should we be so happy that we don't get on red alert to combat what might go down as a result of his death? Do we think there will be no retaliation? Do we believe the figure head of Al-Queda is gone so the other terrorists will just leave, unhappy?

Mayor Bloomberg says when America makes a committment to do something, America gets it done. NO! PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA made a committment to find and kill Osama Bin Laden - not America, not George Bush, not Dick Cheney, not Hilary Clinton - ONLY President Barack Hussein Obama made THAT committment and ONLY he prevailed! I notice how they - the media, the 'elected' officials & newscasters - say America keeps it's committment to the people & refuse to say President Barack Obama. GIVE THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT HIS DUE PROPS & RESPECT, PLEASE!!!  At the end of the day, America didn't keep it's committment to the indigenous peoples of North America & stole land from my Iroquois ancestors. They didn't keep their committment to the Africans who suffered through the Atlantic Slave Trade with 40 acres and a mule nor are they willing to alleviate that promise by providing reparations.

The White House is having a press conference, interrupting my Judge Mathis for the 2nd time, so I will watch... Until you read again... Much Love, Peace, Strength & Analytical & Independent Thinking...

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