Saturday, November 24, 2012


Greetings, Family!

I have great news and great sales from BALANCE & HAIR BY NATURE popping off until December 22, 2012! They will be advertised on the bottom of this post, with my upcoming showcase at The Nuyorican Poets Cafe on December 15th. First and foremost, I must say I hope everyone had a safe, family-love-filled, fun, exciting and; delicious Turkey Day! I enjoyed the solitude of my home and the knowledge that my family was doing fine.

Side Note: From upstate NY to Canada, the Iroquois were also called the Six Nations: Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca, Cayuga, Tuscarora & Mohawk. The Iroquois Tribe was based on matri-lineage, consisting of the descendants, through females, from a single woman. Mohawks were called "The Keepers of the Eastern Door".

Like I wrote in my blog last year in November, I'm weaning myself from these ridiculous AmeriKKKan holy days. If you don't know the lies they've fed us for years, then your ignorance is your bliss and you choose to ignore the truth. The truth is NOT what the history books read, but the accounts of people other than white men who were land and business owners. In short, the Pilgrims traveled to get away from whatever they were dealing with and didn't know how to farm, irrigate or deal with the unknown, possibly hostile, lands they just rode onto, unannounced and uninvited. The Indians were peaceful, intelligent people who lived off the land by living in harmony with her. Indians showed the Pilgrims how to grow corn, get water from the ground and farm for continued sustenance. Indians were in tune with Nature and respected all living things.

In turn the Indians were slaughtered, given blankets filled with small pox and an intoxicant they never had before - liquor. Soon the white settlers took the land from the drunken, sickly and slaughtered Indians. This is the reason they gave thanks! They thanked the Indians for showing them how to live in harmony with the land by killing them and poisoning the very energy the Indians respected and maintained for centuries. The Pilgrims gave thanks because their hostile takeover was a success! 

I certainly don't need lies, parades, excess food or corny arts & crafts for youngsters in school to take away the disturbing images of the truth. I'm of the Iroquois Tribe/Six Nations Clan, a Mohawk to be exact, and still hold anger towards the people who effed up the world by killing off the Keepers of the Spirit & the Keepers of Mother Earth! Those that celebrate, were those who desecrated the earth and it's keepers. So I call this 3rd Thursday of November, Turkey Day! I'm thankful EVERYDAY! I don't need to cook a feast on a designated day to show how thankful I truly am! 

I'M THANKFUL that my Father, Sister & Nana are at Peace; my Mother is in good spirits and health; my family members are healthy and safe; my children are excelling in all aspects; my grandsun's prodigal status is stellar; everyday I wake up with two working arms, two working legs and all 5 senses in tact; there's food in my belly & in my home; there's warmth when it's cold and shade in the heat; music exists and I can contribute to it's beauty & creativity; I have the clothes on my back, the wisdom I've gained and the losses I've experienced that made me better & stronger; for each breathe I take... 

Then there's Black Friday! People use every possible means to purchase love at a discount. Store hopping in the early am before the sun rises to get a whole bunch of stuff, that will probably take you a year to pay off and you camp out after you stuff your face to be a devout consumer and catch the deals for Christmas gifts. And this is okay with people? The very next day, after you claim to give thanks for all you already have? WOW! For real, though...

Speaking of which...
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Try to give thanks and praise to The Most High everyday for what you have and cherish those who support, love and protect you from the elements, internal and external.  Peace & Love!

And Remember to...

 I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready!

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