Friday, May 24, 2013


May has been crazy but I love the work! Since I cooked for Da BeatMinerz MixMaster Weekend in March, everybody loved my lasagne. Crazy DJ Bazarro asked me to make him one, so I did and delivered it to BMZ HQZ! We enjoyed a second pan of lasagne with added beef sausage and Portobello mushrooms. Then we celebrated his bearthday the next day @ Brooklyn Stable. 
Elizabeth & Carmen, chillin!

Bearthday Boy Baz in his B-Boy stance!

The Musical Manna Mamaz had a photo shoot with Pri The HoneyDark via HoneyDark Studios...

Mocha & Pri, Nice!

It was suggested that I cook for the Da BeatMinerz 2nd MixMaster Weekend from May 23rd to May 26...

My Honey Barbecue Wings

3 Cheese Mac with Spinach

Cinnamon Curry Wings
 This was made on Thursday, right before Da BeatMinerz Thursday Night Dance Party at Brooklyn Stable, where we celebrated DJ Evil Dee's bearthday!

Crazy DJ Bazarro * Bundy * D-Rock 
 I was honored to cook for the staff and cast of "For Colored Boys", a mini series in production. Their caterer was unable to fulfill his commitment, so I filled in for two days. I was glad to be available and my efforts were rewarded with humbling praise. Thank you, Cynical, Oveta & Stacey Muhammad! Please donate to their efforts at the link below...
Donate here: 
Some of the food I cooked...
Baked Ziti with and without turkey keilbasa

Gotta Love My Lasagne!
(There was a lot of pasta as well as other goodies I made but I only got a pic of the pasta dishes! LoL)
So all week, basically, I've been cooking for people. I enjoy cooking and especially if people enjoy eating it! While I was cooking for Da BeatMinerz, I made ME some goodies.
Cauliflower, Asparagus & Citrus Ribs (vegan) 
and Fresh Scallions, Fresh Garlic & Fresh Leeks 
sauteed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
My Coconut Potato Leek & Kale Soup
Don't look now but we have a
@ BROOKLYN STABLE, Wednesday MAY 29TH!!!
486 Metropolitan Avenue @ the corner of Rodney St.
Kitchen open til 2am * Backyard Medi Friendly * FREE * Strong Drinks * Parking under the BQE * 
DJ Mocha Sunflower & DJ Mumma Lioness 
Spinning All Vinyl from 10pm til 3am

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